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2 Investor relation– M&A advisory – Executive Training

3 We provide professional services in terms of corporate finance consultant, M&A Advisory, Investment Promotion, Investor Relations with slogan “Toward the value of leading” . 3

4 Introduction Professional organization in services such as finance and corporate consultant, investment promotion and investor relations. Has extensive relationships with financial institutions, enterprises in Vietnam and abroad. Has extensive and efficient communication networks. The company’s staff have a lot of experiences, and they have been trained in Vietnam and abroad.

5 Our Activities AVM Vietnam Investment promotion Executive Training M&A

6 Investment Promotion Organize finacial events Forums Conferences
Investment summits

7 M&A supporting activities
Organize the annual M&A forum in Vietnam Coordinate with Vietnam Investment Review to build M&A publications. Support to provide M&A information and database through the analysis and reports. Surveys on M&A market information.

8 Consultant Mergers and Acquisitions: Connecting Buyer and Seller
Selecting and finding strategic partners Buying and restructuring company Corporate finance consultant: Consulting conversion and equitization Consulting corporate management Consulting issuance of shares and preparation of listing Investment consultant: Supporting and appraising investment projects. Managing Investment porfolio.

9 Investor Ralations Services(IR)
Supporting to build the strategy of attracting investors. Supporting to build IR department. Consulting to information disclosure. Organizing Roadshow, Shareholder’s meeting. Consultanting to make information disclosure report, Annual report. Promoting the image of enterprises to investors.

10 Investment & Executive Training
Found CMAC investment & executive training from 2009 Provided traning for more than 500 leaders from Vietnamese corporation. Launch the Traning program on M&A strategy: takeover & anti takeover

11 Our people Dang Xuan Minh, founder & CEO Christopher Kummer, advisor
Mr Dang Xuan Minh has 10 years experience in investment, corporate finance and M&A advisory. Co-founder of AVM Vietnam and M&A Vietnam forum. Christopher Kummer, advisor President of IMAA (Institute of Mergers and Acquisitions and Alliances) International experts on business strategy and M&A. He consulted for many M&A transactions in Europe.. Viet Nguyen, managing partner Has experience in securites and IPO in Vietnam. Master of finance and statistics in the United States. 11

12 Our Partners AVM has a close relationship with Vietnamese professional Authorities, financial institutions, enterprises, investors

13 Media partners

14 Our Partners

15 Contact Us AVM VIETNAM A Suite 306, 46 Ngo Quyen, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi.
T   04 – Fax: 04 – E   W


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