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TRAINING Education License Agreements

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1 TRAINING Education License Agreements
Peter Broffman Corp K12 August, 2009

2 Project Objectives Develop standardized License Agreements to protect Intel’s copyrighted education materials Create a process that provides (in one place): Easy access to approved License Agreement templates Easy and familiar instructions for gaining approval and signature Centralized location to document and track agreements

3 What is a License Agreement?
License Agreement is a document that: Must be used whenever Intel grants permission to third parties (MOEs, NGOs) to reproduce, distribute, and/or post Intel’s copyrighted educational materials Sets forth terms and conditions that control the circumstances of the MOE/NGO’s right to reproduce, distribute or post the materials to protect our copyright Provides a remedy if the terms and conditions are not followed Intel grants its Education License Agreements at no fee to govt’s and NGOs using the materials for non-commercial educational purposes.

4 Education License Agreement information accessible in a variety of ways:
CAG MOSS site: Quick Links CAG MOSS site: Program Management Office CAG Education Dashboard

5 CAG MOSS site: Quick Links

6 CAG MOSS site: Program Management Office

7 CAG Education Dashboard

8 Components of the process in one place
3 2 1

9 Instructions to License Agreements
Sections: Intro: When to Use a License Agreement Find the appropriate agreement (links to templates for Intel Teach and Intel Learn) Sample provided on slide 10 Complete the agreement If no changes (fill in the blanks) If changes needed (review/approvals required from regional CAG Legal and Shell or Peter) Obtain signature of Licensee Intel signature (link to Education License Agreement Approval) Sample provided on slide 11 Distribution of copies

10 Example: Intel® Teach Templates

11 Education License Agreement Approval
Similar to site currently used for approval of Intel Foundation grants Geo program manager posts basic info and copy of agreement (see slide 12) Paige approves and signs, posts copy of signed agreement Insert New Item

12 Fields to be completed in Approval form
Region Location (country) Education Program and Course Intel owner Agency or organization agreement is with (Licensee) External Contact name External Contact Agreement effective date Agreement expiration date Is local language version required? Has agreement been modified? If yes, has it been reviewed/approved by regional CAG legal? If yes, has it been reviewed/approved by Shell or Peter? Is electronic signature OK, or is “original” signature required? Comments (open text) Attach agreement

13 Tracking of Agreements
Data from Approval site can be: Exported to a spreadsheet Sorted by any field (region, country, course, organization, agreement expiration date, etc) for easy tracking

14 Walk-Thru of Process

15 Q & A and Feedback

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