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so Giant oil Seals introduction

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2 so Giant oil Seals introduction
SOG Oil Seals So Giant has been manufacturing Oil Seals for 20 years since Products exported worldwide & directly to 40 different countries. Stretching up to most extensive range, over sizes of standard design & thousands of OEM customers special design have been successfully developed. SO GIANT OIL SEAL

3 Ⅰ. Vacuum pressing machine
In February , 2003. SOG invested a modern designed vacuum pressing machine to enhance our capability to maximum seal’s OD up to 1000 mm . For the time being , most of Taiwan seal manufacturers produced oil seals under OD 300 mm . SOG’s intension is to accumulate all the giant size tools to become a completely full ranges oil seal provider. Along with computerized job design, that we may offer you accurate and speedy, with few q’ty but diversity service. Upgrade our competition and achieve customer’s satisfaction to establish close and long- term relationship between us. SO GIANT OIL SEAL

4 Ⅱ. Tooling list Tooling list / stock list For oil seals OD over 300mm

5 Ⅲ. The process flow of Giant seals
Put bonding agent on metal insert Vulcanization vacuum pressing machine to cure rubber material bonded to metal insert. put bonding agent after phosphite treatment SO GIANT OIL SEAL

6 Trim Insepction Ⅲ. The process flow of Giant seals
Trim seal ID to standard norm or on customer requested size. 100% inspection to ensure quality SO GIANT OIL SEAL

7 Load spring Packing with film Ⅲ. The process flow of Giant seals
load correct spring packing with film in 5 pcs/roll SO GIANT OIL SEAL

8 Packing Ⅲ. The process flow of Giant seals Labeling for identification
Protected in 9 layers stiff carton SO GIANT OIL SEAL

9 Shipment in Pallet Ⅲ. The process flow of Giant seals
Each carton labeled with main mark and side labels for identification. Cartons on pallet and filmed to protect and prevent goods from pollution or transportation damage. Supreme quality High class packing Brand reputation SO GIANT OIL SEAL

10 SOG is your best choice IV. Your best choice Dedicated process design
High quality products Competitive price SOG is your best choice TEL: FAX: SO GIANT OIL SEAL

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