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What’s New in Fireware XTM v11.6.1

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1 What’s New in Fireware XTM v11.6.1
WatchGuard Training

2 Changes in Fireware XTM v11.6.1
Support for new XTM 5 Series models Bridge mode VLAN pass through and management access FireCluster support for XTM 25, 26, and 33 wired models Localization WatchGuard Training WatchGuard Training

3 Support for New XTM 5 Series Models
WatchGuard System Manager v can manage four new XTM 5 Series models: XTM 515 XTM 525 XTM 535 XTM 545 Fireware XTM v is the recommended OS upgrade for new XTM 5 Series models. The initial new 5 Series models ship with Fireware XTM v We recommend you immediately upgrade to Fireware XTM v to get the latest updates. Fireware XTM v11.6 is not supported on the new 5 Series models. You cannot downgrade to Fireware XTM v11.6 or any earlier Fireware XTM OS version. WatchGuard Training

4 Support for New XTM 5 Series Models
You can use a feature key to upgrade between these new models: XTM 515 to XTM 525 XTM 535 to XTM 545 You cannot use a feature key to upgrade from any of the older 5 Series models to the new 5 Series models. No upgrade from XTM 505,510, 520 or 530 to the new models. No upgrade from any of the new models to the older models. Hardware is improved for better performance than older 5 Series models. Faster CPU (dual core CPU vs. single core CPU in older 5 Series models) More RAM (2 GB vs. 1 GB RAM in old 5 Series models) WatchGuard Training

5 VLAN Pass Through and Management Access
The XTM device configured in bridge mode can now pass VLAN traffic between 802.1Q switches or bridges. A new bridge mode configuration setting allows you to configure the XTM device to accept management connections that use a specific VLAN ID. WatchGuard Training WatchGuard Training

6 FireCluster Support on XTM 25, 26, and 33
FireCluster is now supported on XTM 25, 26, and 33 models. Both members of a cluster must be the same model and must have Fireware XTM with a Pro upgrade installed. FireCluster Setup The FireCluster setup process is nearly the same as for other XTM models. The main difference is that you must use the XTM 2 Series or 3 Series reset procedure to make a new device discoverable. FireCluster is not supported on these XTM 2 Series and 3 Series models: XTM 21, 22, 23 All XTM 2 Series and 3 Series wireless models WatchGuard Training WatchGuard Training

7 Localization The v release includes updated v11.6 localized Fireware XTM management user interfaces (WSM application suite and Web UI) and product help in Chinese (Simplified, PRC), French (France), Japanese, and Spanish (Latin American). In addition to these languages, we continue to offer localized Web UI support for Korean and Traditional Chinese. When you launch the Fireware XTM Web UI or the Log and Report Manager, it will launch in the language you have set in your web browser by default. To change to a different language, click the language name that appears. When you install WSM, you can choose what language packs you want to install. The language displayed in WSM will match the language you select in your Microsoft Windows environment. WatchGuard Training

8 THANK YOU! WatchGuard Training

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