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Self-guided demo

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1 Self-guided demo

2 4 preassembled collections with over 1,000 titles
Business Skills Career Advice Entrepreneurship and Small Business Finance and Investing Human Resources & Training Leadership & Management Process Management Sales & Marketing Real Estate International Business Business (408 Titles) Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Computing Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industrial Engineering Mechanical Engineering Sustainability Engineering Engineering & Computing (340 Titles) Student Study Aides (257 Titles) Medical (23 Titles)

3 Benefits Librarians Library Users Easily searchable content
Expand collections without taking shelf space 1-4 year subscriptions available Track usage Competitively Priced Guaranteed quality content Seasonal title additions at no cost Highest quality MARC catalog records by MLS-degreed catalogers Library Users Easily searchable content Take notes, bookmark, keep & access booklist Connect anywhere through libraries IP address Lightening-fast search

4 Homepage

5 Several ways to search

6 Log in to use personalized features

7 Log in with username / password



10 Searched “Java”

11 2 ways to view content

12 Choose view details

13 View product description of the book

14 View the table of contents

15 “Read It” option

16 View inside the entire book

17 Jump to each chapter or view sections within chapters

18 Bookmarking, Note-taking, full screen features

19 Bookmarking feature

20 Note-taking feature

21 Click here to view saved notes & bookmarks

22 View all notes and bookmarks in platform

23 Other features

24 Allows librarians to track usage within their collections

25 View MARC records, titles in collection

26 Contact us:

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