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Dear Mr. Winston Review.

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1 Dear Mr. Winston Review

2 What genre is “Dear Mr. Winston”?
“Dear Mr. Winston” is a Realistic Fiction.

3 From what point of view is “Dear Mr. Winston” told?
“Dear Mr. Winston” is told from a first person point of view. Cara is telling the story, and she is a character in the story. She uses words like “I” and “me” when she tells the story.

4 Why is Cara writing an apology letter?
Cara is writing an apology to Mr. Winston because she brought a snake into the library. It scared him, and caused him to fall down and end up in the hospital.

5 Why did Cara bring the snake into the library?
Cara brought the snake into the library because she wanted to know what kind it was. She needed to look at the snake and compare it to pictures in the book.

6 Do you think Cara is truly sorry?
Cara is probably sorry that Mr. Winston got hurt; but she is writing the apology because her parents are making her. She also shows evidence in her apology that she blames Mr. Winston for opening the box in the first place.

7 Cara’s dad said her apology must sound genuine
Cara’s dad said her apology must sound genuine. How does she try to make that happen? Cara tries to make her apology sound genuine by repeatedly using the words “I am truly genuinely sorry,” even though we know she doesn’t think it’s all her fault.

8 How can you tell that Cara blames Mr. Winston for the accident?
Cara blames Mr. Winston because he opened the box. I know this because she says, “there was no way the snake could have escaped if you hadn’t opened the box and dropped it on the floor.

9 Why do you think Cara keeps stating things that Mr
Why do you think Cara keeps stating things that Mr. Winston should have, or should not have done in her apology? Cara is apologizing because she has to, but she wants to also show that the accident was not entirely her fault. She wants to prove a point.

10 How do you think Cara feels about apologizing?
I can tell that Cara is sorry Mr. Winston got hurt; but I can also tell that Cara doesn’t think this was all her fault. She blames Mr. Winston too, and tells him what he should have done differently.

11 What is Cara’s punishment?
Cara must write an apology, and she is not allowed to watch her favorite show, Galactic Patrol.

12 Why would Cara’s suggestion that the snake could be at the hospital make Mr. Winston feel worse?
Mr. Winston is terrified of snakes. Cara’s suggestion that the snake may have crawled into one of his pockets and rode with him to the hospital would not be funny to him. It would make him feel worse.

13 What conclusion can you make about the snake’s whereabouts?
The snake wasn’t found in the story, so I can make a conclusion that it is still on the loose somewhere. I would guess most likely in the library, since that is where it escaped.

14 What evidence at the end of the story shows Cara’s feelings for the snake?
Cara cares if the snake is found. She asks Mr. Winston to have the library call her and let her know if it is found.

15 What other ways might Cara have used to find out what kind of snake she had?
Cara could have used the internet to look up pictures of the snake. She also could have stopped in a local pet store and asked questions. Finally, she could have checked out a book about snakes.

16 Which word best describes Cara?
shy dangerous curious troublemaker

17 What is the antonym of the word “enormous?”
1. gigantic 2. fabulous 3. microscopic

18 What is the antonym of the word “dry?”
1. drenched 2. blazing 3. parched

19 What is the antonym of the word “lovely?”
1. humungous 2. sweet 3. disgusting

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