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What effect has ICT had on the society we live in?

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1 What effect has ICT had on the society we live in?
By Samuel Cox 26th September 2011

2 Content 1 Contents Introduction Effect on our working lives
Effect on our home lives Effect on our social life

3 Introduction ICT has had a huge impact on our society it has revolutionised the way we work and, and live on a daily basis. There are many ways the ICT has had an impact on our day to day life. One of the ways it has effect us if in our working environment another is our life at home. There are many different types of ICT we use at home and at work from computers to microwaves.

4 Effect on our working lives 3
The effect ICT has had on our lives at work is huge. You can now use ICT to manage a business and present information to clients and your colleagues. It can help to speed up work production and can provide high quality resources to complete work to the best of your abilities. ICT also can help us in our work for example it can help keep track of how many people come in to a shop each day. ICT has improved the way we work and allows you do complete work faster and machines that use ICT are used to create thing we use everyday like photocopiers and other machines we use to aid us in our life's.

5 Effect on our home life ICT has had a large impact on our lives at home as it has effected the way we live our day to day lives. ICT is in every room in our house from the TV to the washing machine. We use ICT more then you think its used it almost everything we do at home. The way we deal with problems at home has changed for example if we have an illness you can get diagnosed from your home by searching your symptoms on the internet. Life has changed because you can find a machine that speeds up all most everything from housework to homework.

6 Effect on our social life 5
The way we socialise has been changed by ICT these days we are know to be less active and this is blamed by the advances in ICT, in the way of computer games TV and mobiles and other hand held devices that can be used to peoples entertainment. The advances in ICT has changed the way we communicate with others. There is becoming more and more ways to talk to people without being face to face with them for example, mobile phones, social networking site, WIKI sites and forums.

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