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Students K-12 start smart with Britannica Online School Edition! © 2008 Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. Schools may duplicate as needed.

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1 Students K-12 start smart with Britannica Online School Edition! © 2008 Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. Schools may duplicate as needed.

2 Britannica is your source for quality content on the Internet. No advertising or promotions Neutral, unbiased perspectives Reliability for you and your students Content written by experts Safe environment for Internet research Structured and organized content for students

3 Just an encyclopedia? Britannica has over 124,000 encyclopedia articles PLUS: 34,000+ images (photos, illustrations, maps) 3,300+ video & media pieces (with download feature) 52,000+ student-friendly web sites 500 student learning materials & teacher resources Current magazine & journal articles World atlas, dictionary, thesaurus Many other special features: Integrated state curriculum standards & benchmarks New Workspace feature to save your research 4 levels: primary, elementary, middle, & high school

4 Learning Magazine gives Britannica Online School Edition the 2007 Teachers Choice Award!

5 Choose the level thats right for your students!

6 Elementary home page engages young children.

7 New Learning Zone is for children PreK-2 nd Grade.

8 Learning Zone activities make learning fun!

9 Britannica helps you find the information you need…fast!

10 In-depth articles are easy to read and understand.

11 Get photos & illustrations for reports & presentations.

12 New Extended Play videos engage learners of all ages.

13 Online activities & stories help with reading & writing skills.

14 Create easy side-by-side country comparisons.

15 Comptons is designed for middle school students.

16 This comprehensive encyclopedia is written for Grades 6-8.

17 High school students have more advanced materials.

18 Experience the breadth & depth of Encyclopædia Britannica.

19 Explore geography, history, biographies, sciences, & the arts.

20 Britannica includes a World Atlas with thousands of maps.

21 Store your own research materials using the Workspace.

22 Lessons have multimedia presentations to engage students.

23 Britannica supports all grade levels, PreK thru 12th.

24 Find Britannica resources based on your standards.

25 Hear what people are saying about Britannica! More than one million educators, students, and student families across Texas have benefited from its relevant, accurate, up-to-date information and user-friendly interfaces. – Susanna Garza, Coordinator of Instructional Technology, San Antonio, Texas If I had money for only one digital database, I would choose Britannica Online. Britannica provides excellent scholarship with the ease of a few clicks. The web selections made by Britannica editors are priceless - especially when working with Google-oriented teenagers! – Jody Stefansson, Librarian, Polytechnic School, Pasadena, California

26 More accolades… It is a resource which meets the basic research needs for all grades. The videos, state standards, learning activities, and news links are only a few of the special features. We cant imagine not having this resource. – Carolyn McCown, Library Consultant, San Angelo, Texas Our teachers like the organization of information – giving students immediate access to related articles and Web sites. Its a valuable, reliable, age-appropriate, and time- saving tool. – Joan Storey, Technology Coordinator, Hobart, Indiana

27 Britannica is used over 3 million times every day! At over 19,000 schools & public libraries Over 11 million students of all ages Statewide networks of academic & public libraries & schools including Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, Hawaii, Maine, Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, & Wyoming Plus other major school and library systems in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and elsewhere

28 Britannica Professional Development Britannicas workshops assist in: –Building information literacy & research skills –Integrating technology into classroom projects –Supporting state-mandated curriculum standards –Increasing utilization of online resources Free online webinars for subscribers allows for training without travel! On-site workshops can also be arranged. CEU credits are available in cooperation with state agencies.

29 Complementary Print Products Print sets support online content & student activities for classroom lessons: Britannica Discovery Library Britannica Student Encyclopedia Compton's Encyclopedia Encyclopædia Britannica Other titles include Discover America, Great Books, and Spanish-language sets. Britannica Online subscribers receive 10-20% discounts on all orders!

30 Learning Starts Smart with Britannica! All levels & abilities can use it Supports school curriculum standards Integrates technology into the classroom Promotes information literacy

31 Start using Britannica today at school and at home! Go online to Please see your Library Media Specialist for a username and password or call Britannica at 1-800-621-3900.

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