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Export Consortia Programme in Peru Consortias Attended

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1 Export Consortia Programme in Peru Consortias Attended
Joint Learning Workshop on UNIDO Export Consortia Programme and Training on Distance Learning Salerno, Italy 31 October 2009 Alejandro Siles Martinez UNIDO Consultant

2 The UNIDO Export Consortia Programme in Peru, is working with 26 EC, in seven (7) Regions (Junin, Huancavelica, Cusco, Puno, Arequipa, Piura and Lima) in seven economic sectors (7) (handcraft, agro industry, textile, methal mechanics, jewelry, tourism and fish industry)

3 The UNIDO EC Programme has started, a second term, financed by the Italian Cooperation, on May Objectives of the Second Term 1. Support our counterparts in the formation of the national Program Reception Structure 2. Support National Institutions with the existing EC, monitoring and in job training, new EC intervention in regions 3. Pilot plan, of cluster development, participating EC of tourism, crafts and agro industry in Cusco, evaluating the increase in employment and social inclusion in the territory 4. Prepare a draft Financial Fund for Export Consortia 5. Support the creation of the Peruvian Federation of Export Consortia 6. Program dissemination plan of export consortia. 7. Synergy between UNIDO programs in Peru. The Program is running with the participation, in a Steering Committee, DGI of Produce, DNCE of Mincetur, Promperu, the Lima Chamber of Commerce and the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade, counting with the support of Mincetur DNA, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Peru Chambers, Regional Governments and NGO that are involved in the SME development

4 Export Consortia of UNIDO Program PIURA
In Piura we have four (4) Export Consortia operating. CITE Catacaos Jewelry coordinates a consortium of Artisans Associations, "Art Consortium Catacaos" since 2007, which support both Jewelers of Catacaos as A Women's Associations with works in Toquilla. They have been making successful presentations in national fairs, such as Peru Gift Show and Peru Exhibits in 2009 and exports to the USA and the European Union. CITE CITE Chulucanas coordinates Ceramics Consortium Chulucanas Art integrating four (4) Associations of Artisans, since 2007, are completing these days a container with its products to Australia, through the design and product quality, previous container went to Bare in. Arte Catacos Paja Toqilla CITE CHULUCANAS

5 PIURA (cont.) The "Sechura Aquaculture Consortium, made up of six (06) associations and two (02) small businesses occupy an area of 800 ha of sea, cultivating scallops for domestic and international markets. The "Consorcio Agro Industrial", composed by CEPICAFE, REPEBAN, Consorcio Agro Industrial del Peru and Industry Cricket represents the principal offer of agrindustrials products in the north of Peru. They are consolidated by offering their products to international markets and conducting business between the consortium members. Sechura Acquaculture Consortia Consorcio Agro Industrial

6 The Consortium Andes Group
JUNIN In Junín three (3) Export Consortiums are promoting their products, being coordinated by the Promperu decentralized office, CPE Macro Center. Consortium Jaku Peru, "is made up of 7 handicrafts companies specialized in the production and export marketing of handicrafts such as carved gourd, gifts and ecological paper, ceramics and altarpieces, woven (carpets, bed covers, cushions, ponchos, silver and gold jewelry, having as basis for success, their exclusive designs, innovation and total quality in their processes and services .. "Agribussiness Consortium" four Maca processors offer different products in MACA as gelatinized maca flour, jams, juices and so on. The Consortium Andes Group " consisting of eight (8) members of the Textile CERX Bureau of Junin, offering products of high quality fashion and industrially manufactured in Alpaca Agri Bussiness Consortia Andes Group Cpnsortia Jaku Peru

7 HUANCAVELICA In Huancavelica the UNIDO Export Consortia Program is working with two (2) groups. "Central Alpaca Consortium, made by artisans from the city of Huancavelica and Consortium Chimpa Yauli, which began activities in 2008, with the Craftsmen Association of Yauli. Both are coordinated by the Regional Government and the Export Promotion Center Huancavelica (CPE - Decentralized PROMPERU) They Participate actively in various international fairs organized in Peru. Both consortia have successfully launched in Exhibe Peru Handicrafts Fair, organized by Mincetur in the last week of July 2009 and in Peru Gift Show 2009, organized by Promperu. Consorcio Chimpa de Yauli Consorcio Central Alpaca

8 CUSCO In Cusco we have two export consortia one in Tourism INKAS EXPERIENCES Consortium offering alternative tourism in Peru, working in strategic partnership with the Association of Lamay Ayllu Ricchary ARAL, sponsored by WORLD VISION INTERNATIONAL committed in improving the quality of life and the development of excluded communities in Cusco . ALTER Consortium PERU, offers various tourist services, sharing the basic authenticity principles of responsible tourism and personalized services, including everything from classic tourism, to social responsible tourism Inkas Experiences Alter Peru

9 CUSCO In Cusco we have two Agro Industrial Consortia:
Ande Natura Consortia formed by four companies representing producers associations in highland communities, , ensuring equal participation in the value chain (fair trade), social and environmental responsibility in their organic Andean products: aromatic herbs, green tea, essential oils and trout products, supporting the development of the communities involved. Andean Food Agro-industrial business group that researches, develops, manufactures, markets and exports high quality natural products for special markets, elaborated based on Andean biodiversity. Integrating seven / 7) enterprises, involving many different actors: families of farmers (over 300) from different areas of the Region. Ande Natura Andean Food

10 CUSCO One consortia in handicrafts; Consortium Muyu, of six (6) small enterprises with complementary products, offering with success their handmade products in alpaca, decorative ceramics, sculpture in silver and utilitarian pottery, with high quality and design

11 PUNO In the Puno, the Sacred Lake Consortia, has as members seven (7)
craft associations that represent the traditional expression of the region. They are distributed among the different provinces of Puno including Quechua and Aymara communities. They are being coordinated by the Chamber of Commerce of Puno, principle city in the border of the Titicaca Lake.

12 AREQUIPA In Arequipa are operating with great success two (2) export consortia, through their participation in various international promoting their products, are demonstrating entrepreneurship Inka Fine Consortia of fine alpaca and organic cotton clothing Consorcio del Pisco de Arequipa, brandy type liquor, produced by the distillery of grape musts Inka Fine Consorcio del Pisco de Arequipa

13 LIMA In Lima we are working with different SME in the main identified clusters. Such as the Electrical Power Transmission Consortia ATEM in Lima north Metal Mechanics in Villa El Salvador. Textile SME entrepreneurs in the emporium of Gamarra, As well as small manufacturers engaged in the processing of natural products arising from the biodiversity in the country. Peruvian Bio Consortia Electrical Transmission Consortia ATEM

14 LIMA San Juan de Lurigancho
In the district of San Juan de Lurigancho INPET NGO, is developing a very interesting program of training for small entrepreneurs in the area of clothing, to whom they are supporting by training programs, promotion of their products and formation of export consortia with the UNIDO methodology, examples of which are the consortia presented below: Contex Consortia Together Peru Consortia Mundo Intimo

15 LIMA In the Gamarra garment emporium, eight (8) companies with high quality joined their efforts with the support of ADEX to form a consortia with UNIDO Methodology, Consorcio Tex Fashion. They are sharing their risks and costs, and expanding business both in the local and south american market, with innovative designs, quality products and just in time process.

16 Steering Commitee

17 Strategy We are working nationally, with key support institutions for SMEs, our operational plan is aligned with the central government's export policies (PENX) and of the regional governments (PERX) We are making synergies between UNIDO programs, forming Export Consortia supported and coordinated by the Network of CITE Crafts and Tourism (UNIDO Program) The Export Consortia Program is being prioritized in the decentralized programs of export promotion The formation of export consortia is, thanks to UNIDO Program, State Policy In strategic alliance we are using the existing Networks of the CITE of Handcraft and Tourism (MINCETUR) and that of the National Export Promotion (PROMPERU) Following the model of Federexport, the Lima Chamber of Commerce will host the Peruvian Federation of Export Consortia We are doing the outlines of a revolving financial fund, that will support the consortia, evaluating the alternative of a Guaranty Consortia We are working in Cluster development with the Export Consortia of Cusco

18 CITE Crafts and Tourism Network

19 Export Promotion National Network

20 Muchas Gracias - Thank You
Alejandro Siles M. October 2009

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