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ADRC Implementation Funding Work Group July 2, 2012.

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1 ADRC Implementation Funding Work Group July 2, 2012

2 Funding Overview Review ADSA ADRC strategy Current levels of Area Agency on Aging I&A funding Review pilot site funding Estimates of ADRC level of need Funding gap(s) ADSA’s interim approach

3 ADSA ADRC Expansion Approach Transform Senior Information and Assistance Builds on existing Senior Information & Assistance Operational infrastructure, administered by AAAs. Through expanded partnerships of local aging and disability networks, create an integrated statewide ADRC system

4 ADSA ADRC Expansion Approach Why go this route? Ability to leverage Senior I&A coverage and organizational capacity. 13 AAA is WA AAAs also run other complimentary community support services Ability to leverage financial investments

5 ADSA ADRC Expansion Approach Expansion Approach – some quick difference ADRC program definition expands I&A services to serve people of all ages with disabilities ADRC provides a seamless point of entry to all publicly funded long-term services and support options ADRC conducts a more robust standardized person- centered options counseling, individualized decision support, and assistance ADRCs have formal procedures for person-centered care transitions assistance for individuals

6 ADSA ADRC Expansion Approach Expansion Approach – Incremental ADRC funding is provided under current grants Pierce County was the first; 3 additional site Grant sunsets at the end of this September Beyond the existing grant funding and current federal and state investments, no identified or sustainable source Incremental expansion as funding and other resources allow

7 Current AAA Funding

8 Values represent AAA I&A expenditures, not the entire cost of the desired ADRC system. The majority of funding is from Federal Sources. Most federal funding is driven by estimated numbers of the target population. State funding, while a smaller proportion of the overall expenditures, is driven by the annual budget cycle and therefore is more at risk.

9 ADRC Level of Need Sketch level Estimates of Need 2007 ADSA estimate Based on a per capita cost of I&A applied to under 60 disabled population 2010 Estimate based on Wisconsin ADRCs Budgeting 1% method (coverage to 1% of 18+ population)

10 Funding Gap How do we think about level of need? Estimate of need far outweigh current resources Sketch level AAA I&A services only a portion of total I&A for aging and disability services

11 ADSA’s Interim Approach Funding Administration on Community Living Grant Money Follows the Person – Supplemental

12 ADSA’s Interim Approach Expenditures – focus on capacity building Management, Coordination, and IT ADRC Program Manager (ADSA), ADRC, IS Project Manager (ADSA), Statewide IS System Administrator (ADSA), Statewide Resource Directory Specialists (ADSA) Training/Support OC Curriculum Developer/Trainer (ADSA), ADRC Care Transition Coaches (Local), Qualis Health Technical Assistance/Training/CQI, ADRC Options Counselors (Local), IS System Administrators (Local), Resource Directory Specialists (Local)

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