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Your long-term reliable partner

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1 Your long-term reliable partner

2 Profile(1) Originally motor department of CMEC WUXI- China National Machinery & Equipment Imp & Exp Wuxi Co.,Ltd., one of TOP 20 foreign trade organization with headquarter in BeiJing. Exmek Electric ---- Registered in HongKong in English Wuxi JunHong Automation Technology Co.,Ltd Registered in Wuxi in Chinese

3 Organization International Sales Office
Add: No Jin Shan Bei Industrial Park, No.888, Jiang Hai West Rd, Wuxi,

4 Location Factory 1 Factory 2 SHANGHAI Wuxi Office

5 Profile(2) All our sales people speak fluent English, engineering backgrounds. Focus on middle and high volume OEM projects, main market is Europe and North America. Involved in supply-chain from motors components until destination seaport. We focus on design and marketing while manufacturing in partner factory or controlled factory with shares inside.

6 Highlight MRP System for warehouse system 5S Management on site
Traceability on highend industrial products Quality Guarantee Several Patent on motor design,

7 Production facility(1)
1.Balancing 2.Encoder installation 3.Heatstacking 4.Testing & Recording

8 Production facility(2)
1.Machining shop 2.Assembly line 3.Inspection 4.Rotor winding line 5.Final Assembly

9 International Sales – Exmek Headquarter
1.R&D Lab 2.Conference 3.Office 4.Lifetime test 5.Encoder test

10 Our Program(1) DC Brush Motor (frame size 40mm through 120mm)
DC Brushless Motors (frame size 44mm through 120mm) Stepping Motor (20, 28, 35, 42, 57, 86, 110mm) AC Univesal Motor (46mm, 54mm, 60mm) Industrial AC Capacitor Motor (80mm, 90mm less than500w) Different kinds of Gear motor for OEM application

11 Our Program(2) Main Industry: Pool cleaning Pumps Sport Treadmill
Door operating drives Medical equipment Industrial Blower Pumps and compressors Semiconductor Processsing Pick and Place machines Material Handling Floor care Equipment Medical Beds Machine Tool Packaging Equipment Printing Equipment Advertising Equipment Light Industry Electric Wheelchairs Lifting Chairs Office Business Equipment General Purpose Application

12 Our Program(3) Customer Market Segment

13 OEM applications 1 – Brushed motor
DC Brush Motor for Pool Cleaning Robot *special bronze front flange, special shaft coating DC Brush Motor for Power tool *Sub-assembly of the motor with special cabling DC Brush Motor for industrial machine *with special front flange Customized Solutions

14 OEM applications 2 – Brushless motor
DC Brushless Motor for Cleaning robots *special shaft and front flange DC Brushless Motor for Medical Fan *special shaft and lead-wire cable DC Brushless Motor for Machine Tool *Special Connector Customized Solutions

15 OEM applications 3 – Step motor
Stepper motor for Electric Appliance *Motor assembly with the brake NEMA 23 Stepper motor for Actuator *special hollow shaft Stepper Motor for industrial machine *with Gearbox Customized Solutions

16 OEM applications 4 – Gear motor
DC Gear Motor for Commercial Robot *with stainless steel shaft &extreme quite gearbox DC Gear Motor for Advertising Equipment *with planetary gearbox AC Worm Gear Motor for Treadmill *special gearbox and flange Customized Solutions

17 OEM applications 5 – AC motor
AC External Rotation Motor for Mixer *with stainless steel extended shaft AC Capacitor Running Motor for Industrial Fan *with TENV housing, Class F, UL certified. AC Universal Motor for Sharpening Machine *with plastic housing Customized Solutions

18 OEM applications 6 – Various Customization
Brush Motor for Advertising Equipment *with special lead-wire cable Actuator for Satellite receiver *Assembly of brush motor with the gearbox DC Universal Fan Motor for Recreational *with double plastic fan assembled together Customized Solutions

19 OEM applications 7 – Value-added product
Gearbox Motor Brake Encoder Customized Solutions

20 OEM applications ----many more….
Please visit Log in <secure area> Customized Solutions

21 Technical & Quality Our goal is to reach 100% customer satisfaction
All Partnered factories passed ISO9001/2000 (ISO14000 in process) Exmek R&D cost is 1-3% sales turnover Experienced in High volume manufacturing

22 Quality Assurance Quality is customer’s expectation
Quality control Level Incoming inspection (sample plan) First Article inspection (100%) In Process inspection Outgoing inspection (sample plan, SPC, ) Quality Plan is available for specific item

23 SPC analyse

24 GR&R

25 Overall Rotor Inspection
Example: Rotor Process Shaft End Plate Stack Comm. Spacer Wedger Wire Press Stack to Shaft Press Commutator Insert Spacer Insert Wedge Winding Varnish Balance Putty Heat Stack Rotor Inspection Comm. Turn Trickle Varnish Overall Rotor Inspection Balance

26 SWI –Operation Instructions

27 Our commitment to valued customers:
Quality Assurance Our commitment to valued customers: Fast response to any questions, on delivery, R&D, technical, production, Quality guarantee, 12 months from the date of goods arrival. Customer’s satisfaction is what we pursue everyday.

28 Share our view: Good service at competitive price.
Quality makes tomorrow’s market. Our Win-Win partnership is Power.

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