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THE PROJECT LIFECYCLE National Contact Point

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1 THE PROJECT LIFECYCLE National Contact Point
for ICT under FP7 Ministry Of Communications & Information Technology THE PROJECT LIFECYCLE

2 FP7 Participation: Project Life Cycle
2. Consortium Formation Feasibility 4. Contract Negotiation 5. Roll-Out & Implementation 3. Proposal Writing FP7 Participation

3 Feasibility: From Ideas to Proposals…
CHECK (B) Work Programme (A) Call Text (C) State-of-the-Art (D) Possible Partners (E) Possible Instrument(s) (F) Possible End-Users LAND OF IDEAS PROPOSAL DEVELOPMENT

4 Feasibility: End Phase Checklist
By the end of this stage you must have a clear appreciation of Your capabilities and resources Capabilities and resources needed from partners Possible partners – you must have already made initial contacts Size – rough budget, number of partners, likely duration Risks Roles – esp. who among you could be the co-ordinator?

5 Consortium Formation: Key Points
A consortium MUST have harmony Partners should bring specific competence not necessarily a “research” role. (testing, user role, HW component, etc…)

6 Proposal Writing Objectives Deliverables Work packages
Schedule of writing Roles and responsibilities Resource allocation Formal relationship (IPR, contract, notices etc.)

7 Contract Negotiation Task 1 Task 2 Task 3
Financial viability check Data & CPF Task 1 You’re required to provide Tech & resource input Technical Annex production Task 2 Consortium Agreement Business view Task 3 Tasks 1 and 2 with Commission - Task 3 between partners

8 Roll Out and Implementation
The Contract Technical Annex (TA) The Consortium Agreement (Contract) Reporting guidelines / templates

9 Proposal Process From Submission to Start of Project Call open
Ideal: 6 months Evaluation Contract neg. Start of project Long: 15 months Time in months 3 6 9 12 15 18

10 Current projects in ICT under FP7 in Egypt

11 MEDAR Partner: The Engineering company for computer systems development (RDI) Aim: advancing the state of language technology for Arabic and other regional languages

12 3D COFORM Partner : CULTNAT
Aim: advance the state-of-the-art in 3D-digitsation and make 3D-documentation an everyday practical choice for digital documentation campaigns in the cultural heritage sector

13 JOIN-MED Partner: MCIT
Aim: address sustainable networks of ICT research organizations between the MPC and Europe to help creating partnerships for future FP7 ICT Calls

14 IDEAL-IST Partner: MCIT
Aim: reduces the barriers faced by organizations wishing to participate in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) programme by offering transnational partner search

15 IST-Africa Partner: MCIT
Aim: strengthening the research dimension of Information Society policy dialogues between the European Commission and African countries and key regional organizations

16 Questions ? Thank You Inas Fateem

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