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Leadership Development Program for Feeder Group Employees

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1 Leadership Development Program for Feeder Group Employees
Union Representatives May 2005

2 Outline Present eligibility criteria and program components of the Leadership Development Program (LDP) for executive feeder group employees

3 September 2004 CHRC Approvals
DCES to develop a DND specific program under the umbrella of EX Succession Planning, with no new recruiting for CAP Proposed financial strategy/availability of funds (ADM(HR-Civ) and L1s) The plan to manage the current 19 CAP participants while ensuring maximum ROI (goal of minimum 50% retention)

4 LDP Framework 4. Accepted 5. Accepted (below CBC (meet language)
2. Identify candidates for development (experience, 360 degree evaluation using DND competencies) 3. Accepted candidates assessment against PSC Leadership Competencies for EXs 4. Accepted (below CBC language level) 5. Accepted (meet language) 1. EX Human Resources Planning Personalized Learning Plan On language training Feeder Group Development Program Assignments Training Coaching Mentoring Does not meet language 6. Graduation/ Better prepared to compete for EX positions

5 LDP Proposed Eligibility Criteria
Education Requirement: Education will be ranked on a points system according to level attained Experience Requirement: Employees must have significant experience in managing team(s), responsibility for a budget, and in developing a business plan Employees must also have Level 2 endorsement Official Language Requirement: The Official Language profile is CBC. Selected LDP participants not meeting the CBC level will be required to undergo diagnostic testing to confirm their ability to meet this criterion within 12 months of commencing language training Employment Equity: Up to half of the spaces will be reserved for EE group members, depending upon representational gaps

6 LDP Proposed Selection Process
Identification Phase A call letter for applications will be disseminated in June Applications to be received by midsummer Screening Phase Applications will be ranked according to: Experience in managing people and a budget Letters of recommendation Level of education 360 degree feedback Selection Phase Recommendations regarding entry will be made to CHRC CHRC to make final decisions regarding entry (October) Assessment Phase Selected participants undergo assessment of the leadership competencies Individual learning plans will be developed Language training requests determined

7 LDP Proposed Principles
Home organization pays for participant’s salary, travel (if required) ADM(HR-Civ) covers administrative costs of program management, language training, courses identified in learning plan Level 1s identify assignment opportunities Participants responsible for own career progression (i.e. applying for competitions) After development program, participant returns to substantive position

8 LDP Proposed Components
The LDP will comprise developmental assignments, training, and a special group project. Developmental Assignments Component: To expand their experience and knowledge and to further develop their leadership competencies Participants, with Level 1 support, find own assignments (minimum 2) Participants do not receive acting pay as they are not doing full range of duties Training Component: Structured curriculum that includes formal training and self-study learning Language training to attain the CBC linguistic profile Group Project Component: Participants will join a multi‑disciplinary team to address a critical organizational issue

9 LDP Completion Graduation is achieved upon successful completion of all components and post-assessment on the leadership competencies  While employees are encouraged to complete all components, participants may choose to depart early In cases of voluntary or involuntary departure, the employee will resume the responsibilities of her/his substantive position, or any new position to which they are appointed Should a participant win an EX competition, she/he will assume responsibilities of her/his new position and a suitable replacement will be found for her/his substantive position

10 Discussion Questions

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