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Subdivision Plat Submittals Subdivision Plat Submittals

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1 Subdivision Plat Submittals Subdivision Plat Submittals
Wichita - Sedgwick County Metropolitan Area Planning Department

2 Agenda Subdivision Committee Meeting Calendar Fee Calculation Signs
Filing a Complete Application for Approval Submitting a Complete Plat Sketch Plat Preliminary Plat Final Plat

3 Subdivision Committee Meeting Calendar
Available end of December Included in Subdivision Application Packet About 23 meetings a year Closing dates: 17 days prior to Subdivision meeting at noon

4 Fee Calculation Based on number of lots for Residential plats
Based on acreage for Non-Residential plats Based on combination of lots and acres for Residential/Non-Residential plats

5 Fee Calculation (cont’d)
Preliminary plat fee same as One-Step plat Small Tract plat – 5 lots with no new streets; 10 ac. for residential; 5 ac. for non-residential Final portion of overall Preliminary plat Revised plat fee Replat as condition of zone change Payable within 7 days

6 Sign Courtesy to neighbors Up 13 days prior to Subdivision meeting
Primary street frontage visible to motorists

7 Filing a Complete Application
Pre-application conference if controversial City vs. County General location Tax control number Gross size, no. of lots, minimum area Zoning: existing and proposed New streets Owner’s signature

8 Submitting a Complete Plat
40 folded copies Associated CUP drawings, conditional use site plans Minimum scale 1:100; 1:200 if over 100 acres Maximum size 24 x 36 Disk for GIS

9 Sketch Plat 5 copies Distribution to City or County Engineering, Water/Sewer or County Code, Traffic Engineering Letter sent within 3 weeks OR 40 copies Review by Subdivision Committee

10 Preliminary Plat Existing Conditions Name of plat
VICINITY MAP 69TH ST. NO. 53RD ST. NO. WEST ST. MERIDIAN AVE. SEC. 13, T26S, R1W SITE Date, north point and scale “Preliminary Plat” title Vicinity map Name on plat that matches application name

11 Preliminary Plat (cont’d)
Existing Conditions Adjoining plat name or owner’s name Legal description Existing zoning/proposed zoning Associated zone case, conditional use or CUP Existing driveway locations on property, abutting property and property across street

12 Preliminary Plat (cont’d)
Existing Conditions Streets within or adjacent to plat (ROW width) Easements (access easement and pipeline easement documents) Topographical survey FEMA mapped 100-year floodplain Natural features e.g. lakes, tree rows

13 Preliminary Plat (cont’d)
Existing Conditions Existing structures denoting those to be removed Existing sanitary sewers, storm sewers, water lines, pipelines, gas lines, underground wiring on property or adjoining streets Tax parcel map for County plats denoting existing ownership pattern

14 Proposed Subdivision Plat
Preliminary Plat Proposed Subdivision Plat New streets (ROW width, names) Access controls Proposed easements Lots (dimensions, lot area, lot numbers) Setback lines (optional) Drainage concept

15 Final Plat Name of plat Date, scale, north point, legend
Legal description Tie points to section corners or platted lot corners Tract boundary lines Lot lines with dimensions

16 Final Plat (cont’d) Street ROW widths, centerlines and names for new or existing streets within and adjacent to plat Existing easements with recording information or referenced in plattor’s text if proposed Lot and block numbers Setback lines (optional)

17 Final Plat (cont’d) Minimum building pads established
Reserve language in plattor’s text Certifications of owner, mortgagor, surveyor, MAPC, County surveyor, City Council for City plat or 3-mile ring, County Commissioners for County plats, County Clerk, Register of Deeds Title work

18 Final Plat Tracing Mylar and 4 copies Supporting documents
Submitted at least 2 weeks prior to City Council meeting Closure computations CD Title work Check for recording

19 Frequent Subdivision Problems

20 Commercial Plat





53RD ST. N.



28 Q & A’s

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