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Ex Bayonet Ottawa, 6-8 May 2010.

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1 Ex Bayonet Ottawa, 6-8 May 2010

2 Outline The Regiment Key Venues Event Format Administration Questions
My presentation will cover the following topics

3 The Regiment Stood-up on 7 June 1872 to provide a ceremonial presence in Ottawa Affiliated with Coldstream Guards of England Established a reputation for excellence in military marksmanship which stands to this day The “Father of the Guards” is Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Ross. He raised the regiment in 1872 for the sole purpose of providing “pomp and circumstance” to the nation’s new Capital. He was successful in creating the Regiment for a couple of reasons: He was a Major in the Ottawa Brigade of Garrison Artillery and President of it’s Band Committee. He looked after the Band and it came with him when he raised the Regiment. He was a senior clerk in the Department of Finance, working for the Deputy Minister. He was the second highest paid civil servant in the Dominion and his office was in the West Block where he held his “Orders Group” for the Regiment in the early years; and The Guards on formation immediately commenced training (primarily rifles shooting) and conducting ceremonial parades. The Governor General's Foot Guards were formally allied with the Coldstream Guards of the United Kingdom (General Order 106 of 1929) after being informally allied with them since the formation of the Regiment.

4 The Regiment Primary Reserve Infantry Unit within the Canadian Army
240 all ranks 19 soldiers and officers deployed to Afghanistan in 2008, further commitment to TF 1-10. Continued commitment to operational and ceremonial activities. Thirty-five piece brass and reed band. Governor General's Foot Guards is one of three Household regiments in the Primary Reserve of the Canadian Army, along with The Governor General's Horse Guards and the Canadian Grenadier Guards. The GGFG is the most senior militia infantry regiment in Canada. "Civitas et Princeps Cura Nostra" is the official motto of the regiment. It can be translated as "Our Care is Queen and Country".

5 Cartier Square Drill Hall
Cartier Square Drill Hall was constructed in 1879 to designs by the office of Chief Architect, Thomas Seaton Scott. The building “Italianate” in style and has been the home of the Regiment since its construction. The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa , continue to occupy it today. The building is a rare surviving example of a drill hall built in the immediate post-Confederation era when establishing a military presence and asserting the role of the federal government were important government goals. The Officers' Mess is used by both the Governor General's Foot Guards and The Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa. Originally constructed in the 19th Century for the officers of the Foot Guards, the mess was the scene of Sir Sam Hughes' (the Minister of Militia and Defence at the time) declaration of war by Canada in In addition to an extensive art and regimental silver collection, the mess also houses the current Queen's and Regimental Colours of both regiments.

6 Accommodations and Key Venues
Ex Bayonet 2010 Accommodations and Key Venues Holiday Inn, 111 Cooper Street. Cartier Square Drill Hall, 2 Queen Elizabeth Drive. Ottawa Army Officers’ Mess, Somerset Street West. Note that the hotel and meeting facilities have yet to be finalized and remain subject to change. Hotel price should be in the $ range.

7 Ex Bayonet 2010 Key Events Date Activity Location Thurs, 6 May
Arrivals and Registration Holiday Inn Lobby Evening Reception Cartier Square Officer’s Mess Fri, 7 May Arrivals and Registration – AM Meeting Conduct Holiday Inn Conference Room Sat, 8 May Mess Dinner Ottawa Army Officer’s Mess Note that planning is still in early days, so the accommodation and meeting venue could change. As you are aware, as hosting unit we are facilitating the series of events, and thus will focus on ensuring the best possible venues and use of those spaces, along with full regimental support.

8 Administrative Points
Transportation From McDonald Cartier Airport – cab or shuttle is approx $25. Train station – approximately a $15 cab to the hotel. All official activities are within walking distance. Spousal Programme will be organized by the Association based on interest. Administrative Instruction will be issued in Dec/Jan timeframe. OPI GGFG – Captain Ryan Barber – (1 Aug 09). Spousal Programme – GGFG OPI will assist in the development and execution of the spousal programme. Rations – For breakfast, we will seek to have it included as part of the room package. Lunches and breaks will be at the conference area. Friday evening you will be on your own, and there is the optional mess dinner on Saturday at the Somerset Mess, cost of the event remains TBC, but will be in the $75-$90 range. I will ensure we have access to the AGM critiques as they pertain to the support side and venues. Please ensure that you identify concerns and recommendations in detail. The Guards will be there to host all units, and my command team will ensure the physical conditions and logistical support is in place for success of Ex Bayonet 2010.

9 Ottawa Attractions Ottawa Tulip Festival, 7-24 May 2010.
Canadian War Museum. The Rideau Canal, Ontario's first UNESCO World Heritage Site. Rideau Hall grounds are open to the public during daytime hours, along with tours of the public rooms. Gatineau Park offers hiking and biking. Byward Market. Much like Montreal, the options for activities in Ottawa for a short stay are endless. While you can pretty much find anything on the internet, if you have specific interests you need assistance with, feel free to contact our OPI, Captain Barber. He will be in place effective 1 August. We will look at coordinating a visit to the Canadian War Museum.

10 Questions?

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