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Unit 2 Captain Cook. Teaching aims: 1.To improve the reading ability of the students and help them understand the text fully. 2. To enrich the Ss imagination.

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Presentation on theme: "Unit 2 Captain Cook. Teaching aims: 1.To improve the reading ability of the students and help them understand the text fully. 2. To enrich the Ss imagination."— Presentation transcript:

1 Unit 2 Captain Cook

2 Teaching aims: 1.To improve the reading ability of the students and help them understand the text fully. 2. To enrich the Ss imagination and encourage them to learn from Captain Cook.

3 Important and difficult points: 1.Ive decided to take… I insist on taking… I suggest taking… 2. Understanding of the text. 3. V-ing

4 Teaching aids: computer; tape-recorder Interactive patterns: teacher-class; pairs; groups Teaching methods: Audio-visual method; Direct method; Functional approach

5 Textual Analysis of Unit 2: 1. Its about a great explorer full of courage, and kindness. 2. It benefits the Ss from learning his life, discovery, sailing, charting, life at sea.

6 Captain Cooks cottage

7 Questions: What nationality was Captain Cook? Where did he travel to? Which century did he live in? English. Round the world. 18th century(1728-1779).

8 Questions on the dialogue: What are they going to take with them for the long journey? Food, live animals, cabbage in vinegar, vinegar.

9 Language points: I insist on taking proper food for this expedition. He insisted on his willingness. She insisted on _____(do) the work herself. doing

10 Madame Curie insisted that there _____(be) something in nature that gave out radiation. The expedition leader insisted she ______(stay) behind. He insisted the work ________ (start) at once. was stay be started

11 The men often fall ill and suffer fever. He is absent, for he ________. William caught a cold and ________. suffer: ( ; ; ; ; ) has fallen ill fell ill

12 1.,. 2.,. 3.,. 4.. 5.. 6..

13 He suffered a serious disease as a result of overwork. Ms Kings legs were badly hurt and she suffered great pain. Napoleon suffered great losses in the battle. These plants cannot suffer a cold winter.

14 He is suffering from toothache. They suffered greatly from overwork.

15 It is a good, strong ship, though not very fast. She knows a lot __________ ( ). ___________________( ), they were determined to continue with their project. though young Though short of money

16 I suggest taking a lot of vinegar. Tom suggested a plan for the work. Jenny suggested _____(do) it in another way. The teacher suggested _____ (go) over a few old lessons. doing going

17 He passed by me as if I didnt exist, which suggested he ______ _______(not respect) me at all. did not respect

18 Lesson 6 Captain cook(1)

19 In which war did Cook play an important part? Why did Cook go on his journey to the Pacific? Seven Years War, and the Battle Of Quebec in Canada. To see Venus passing between the earth and the sun, and to look for a new continent in the Indian /Pacific Ocean.

20 Language points: The local landowner took an interest in the young boy and paid for his schooling. You will learn English well fast if you ________________it. take an interest in He takes a great interest in football stars.

21 take sb by surprise … ; … The Japanese planes ____ the island__________ on a Sunday morning. took by surprise We ____ the enemy positions __ _______at midnight. tookby surprise He took her quite by surprise when he suddenly appeared at the door.

22 warship seamanship(,,, ) citizen citizenship friend friendship professor professorship sportsman sportsmanship marksman marksmanship ;

23 In July 1768 the Endeavour set out for the Pacific. They set out/off ____(look for) the lost milu deer. We set out in the morning, _____to arrive before dark. A new ship _____________ London on its first trip. to set out/off for hoping

24 Lesson 7 Captain Cook(2)

25 Revision Is Quebec in the USA or in Canada? Was the Seven Years War between Britain and the USA or between Britain and France? Which planet was going to pass between the earth and the sun?

26 Why did Captain Cook take lots of cabbage in vinegar? Why did he take lots of vinegar as well?

27 General questions: Which islands are mentioned in the text? Did Cook sail round the world from east to west or from west to east? Tahiti, New Zealand, Australia, Tasmania, Java, England. From east to west.

28 What was their time in Tahiti like? What did Cook name after himself? What was strange about Australia? What disaster happened? How did Cook save the ship?

29 Language points: In July they set sail again and headed south and west in search of a new land. In July they set off again, _______(sail) south and west _______(look) for a new land. sailing looking

30 The ship set sail ____ Africa. Early in the morning, they ___ sail ___southward. The ship is heading _______ Tianjin. They were then heading ____. A warship is heading south _________ Haiti. for set / for/toward north toward/for

31 Madame Curie worked day and night ____________________ the unknown matter. He went to many places _______ ___________a doctor who could cure his sons disease. in search of /to search for in search of /to look for

32 Cook was the first to map the east coast. back battle boat cost date drop end face fool head line mark name …

33 oil point price side sound sun voice beach trade …

34 They found Australia (to be) an astonishing land. The children found the story (to be) a very interesting one. They found her careless about her dress.

35 exciting news moving stories interesting things a disappointing trip a surprising success puzzled expressions

36 try to do( ); try doing( ) Try _______(put) some more vinegar. That might make it taste a bit better. He tried ____(work out) the problem, but failed. to putting

37 raise (vt.); rise (vi.) He ____ both his arms to greet us. The wounded soldier suddenly ___to his feet. The heavy rain kept ______the water level of the river. The water level of the river kept _____as a result of the heavy rain. raised rose raising rising

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