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Under the guidance of Mrs.K.VIDHYA,MBA., M.Phil.,

2 COMPANY PROFILE Magnanim systems founded in the year ISO 9001:2000 certified company is a full support computer sales, network solution and service provider. The company have made a strong association with industry majors like IBM,HP,INTEL, AMD, TVSE, Canon as their proud and trusted business partner. The company can sales the product of Computer systems, Printers, Software, Acessories and Digital equipments. The company give servicing of Add-on cards, Chip level, Monitors, Printer, Scanners, Optical drives Magnetic Drives, Power supples, UPS.

3 TERMS AND CONDITION The equipment will be inspected, and preventive maintenance carried monthly ones without any call from the client place. Service personnel will have free access to the installation an will receive reasonable help and assistance from the client. Maintenance shall be rendered only during working hours of the concern. If required urgent it will consider as the special case the service will be rendered. The customer is requested to call magnanim systems for change or relocated of the equipments.

4 In case malfunctioning part is not repairable at the client’s site, it shall be taken to Magnanim systems premises and either will be repaired or replaced. In case the original part is replaces, the cost of the replacement will be payable by the customer at rated prevalent at the time of replacement if the part is not covered in the AMC. In case material is supplied to the customer under this contract, and whether it is chargeable, applicable excise, sales tax and other government levies that may be charged are payable by the customer only the service will be rendered at free of cost.

5 The agreement shall be deemed to have executed at puducherry
The agreement shall be deemed to have executed at puducherry. Any dispute shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of pondicherry. Further this contract is government by the laws of the republic of INDIA.

To find out the sales promotion in magnanim systems. SECONDARY OBJECTIVES: To find out sales increase in competetive market. To find tools and techniques of sales promotion that is used in the organisation. To analyze the purchasing behaviour of the customer. To analyze the product competitor in the market.

7 FINDINGS OF THE STUDY   Most of the customers are students and self employed persons were purchased the product.     Most of the respondents taken are female 16%, and male 84%.    Most of the customers (67%)were prefer assembled system is best for using.     Most of the public doesn’t know about the products marketed by the Magnanim systems.    It is found that 83% of the respondents came to know about Magnanim systems product through friends & relatives and advertisements. None of them had found Magnanim systems through Magazine and Newspaper.

8 Most of the customers(49) were chose magnanim systems product for immediate response.
    54% of the customers are satisfied with the overall satisfaction of Magnanim systems products and also to purchase next year.     Most of respondents are expected more quality with low price of the product.    84% of customers are money refund offer is best one to differ from the competator and also to increase the sales.     Most of the customers(93%) are purchasing the product below – 10 only.

9     It is found that customers are satisfied with quality,good product, price and not satisfied with the service of the Magnanim systems products.

Based upon the finds the following suggestions is made      The customers are given more weightage to the assembled system . so the company can improve the sales in assembled system.      Most of the customers are like more quality with low price. So the company can increase the quality and reduce the price of the product.      Maximum number of customers are discount is the best tool to differ with competitor. So the company can utilize this tool and meet the competitor.

11     Most of the customers are feeling that to increase the after sale service. So the company may take necessary actions for the sale service and to satisfied the customers.      Most of the customers were chose the magnanim systems product for immediate response. So the company can give importance for customer call.

12 CONCLUSIONS The study on sales promotion in magnanim systems pvt., Ltd., is study with care and special effects have been taken to make the study as specific as possible. The methodology typical proof to show that the study is sceintific. From the study, it is clear that most of the customers are satisfied with there product, price and quality. This study is also cearly states that the customers are expecting to improve their service. So the company can take an action to improve the service. The customers are giving more important for more quality with price of the product. A good quality of service create weightage of the concern.


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