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The Desert War El Alamein and Montgomery By: Kevin Burgess.

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1 The Desert War El Alamein and Montgomery By: Kevin Burgess

2 Overview El Alamein-the battle that for the Allies came to symbolize the turning point of the entire war. It takes its name from a lonely railway station in the Egyptian Desert a mile or so from the North African coast.(2)

3 Who? American Commanders-Dwight Eisenhower, George S. Patton Jr.(1) British Commanders-Bernard Montgomery German Commanders-Erwin Rommel (The Desert Fox)(2)

4 What? The battle of El Alamein was a very significant battle fought in North Africa. The battle was a last attempt for the Allied forces to defeat Rommel and his men. The battle ended with an Allied victory and the retreat of Rommel.(1)

5 When / Where? The Allied forces were being heavily attacked in June through October of 1942. The Allied forces made a final stand at the battle of El Alamein which caused Rommel to retreat in February of 1943.(2)

6 Why? The Allies wanted to take control of Northern Africa for one main reason. -By defeating the Germans in Northern Africa it would allow the Allied forces to invade Italy.(3)

7 Allied Vs. Axis Allied- By the middle of October the Eighth Army totaled 195,000 men, 1,351 tanks and 1,900 pieces of artillery Axis- The Germans had 110,000 men and 500 tanks. A number of these tanks were poor Italian tanks and could not match the new Shermans. The Germans were also short of fuel. (3)

8 Speech From Montgomery to the 8 th Army. Great_Britain/Gen.MontgomeryTo8thArmy 4210.wav Great_Britain/Gen.MontgomeryTo8thArmy 4210.wav



11 Significance to the War El Alamein was a major win for the Allied forces in North Africa. Which allowed them to advance forward on Germany and Italy and ultimately capture 240,000 Axis troops, both German and Italian.(2)

12 ?Questions? Who were the 3 Allied commanders that led the North African Forces? Why was it important to take control of Northern Africa? True or False: The Axis tanks advancing had much more supplies then the Allied forces.

13 !Answers! The 3 Allied commanders were, for the United states, Dwight Eisenhower who was eventually replaced by George S Patton Jr. and for Great Britain, Bernard Montgomery. By taking control of Northern Africa it would allow the Allies to invade Italy False- The Allied forces were heavily armored and supplied compared to the Axis powers.

14 MLA Lapansky-Werner, Emma J, Peter G. Levy, Randy Roberts and Alan Taylor. United States History : Reconstruction to the President, Boston : Prentice Hall, 2008, Print. Stratton, Molly., ed. World War II : War in the Mediterranean. Danbury : Grolier Educational Corporation, 1995. Print. Trueman Chris, ed. The Battle of El Alamein. Web. 30 March 2010.

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