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The Mexican Day of the Dead

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1 The Mexican Day of the Dead
El Dia de los Muertos The Mexican Day of the Dead

2 The Days of the dead are celebrated in many Latin American countries but no where to the extent they are in Mexico. A national holiday in Mexico, a joyous and sacred time to welcome the souls of the dead; it is a celebration in which the living and the dead are joined together if even for a short time. November first honors departed children, los angelitos while November second focuses on the departed adults.

3 Cemetery in Mexico

4 Traditional Altars or Ofrendas
Sidewalk Tabletop

5 Ofrenda in a Mexican village.

6 Calaveras

7 Calaveras Parade

8 Calaveras Couple

9 Mexican sugar skulls are a traditional folk art from Mexico.

10 Traditional Ceramic Skulls

11 Ofrenda in Los Angeles made from television consoles.

12 Jose’ Guadalupe Posada (1852 – 1913) popularized the human skeleton
Jose’ Guadalupe Posada (1852 – 1913) popularized the human skeleton. Posada was an engraver and artist who created cartoon illustrations for many popular tabloids specifically targeted at the masses. Calaveras satirized all elements of society, particularly the upper-class and government officials.

13 Posada Calavera Print Originals were always done in black and white

14 Colored Posada print

15 Posada Print

16 Posada prints inspired a new generation of artist.
Frieda Kahlo

17 Diving Calavera

18 Calavera Couple

19 Pop-art Calaveras




23 Calaveras (skeletons) in product design.

24 Baseball Cap

25 Jewelry Designs

26 Tattoo Design

27 Skeleton figures used in the Day of the Dead celebrations have provided inspiration for those working in film and printed media.

28 Looney tunes Calaveras

29 Movies

30 Books

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