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Latin America – Physical Geography

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1 Latin America – Physical Geography

2 A. Vertical Climate Zones
4. Tierra Helada = frozen land 3. Tierra Fria = cold land 2. Tierra Templada = temperate land 1. Tierra Caliente = hot land

3 A. Vertical Climate Zones
Check out p. 208 Intro: Different crops grow at different elevations The HIGHER the elevation, the COLDER the climate.

4 A. Vertical Climate Zones
Sketch a diagram the explains vertical climate zones 1. Sketch a fictional mountain 2. Label vertical climate zone - Include the elevation 3. Sketch two examples of the crops that are grown in each zone For Tierra Helada sketch a llama

5 B. El Nino How it happens: Pacific Ocean water temperature changes
This changes wind patterns


7 B. El Nino Effects: Brings flooding to regions near the Pacific Ocean.
Causes mudslides and reduces fishing industry

8 B. El Nino - Frayer Definition (p. 57) Social Impact Economic Impact
Picture EL NINO

9 El Nino – Cut away box Add a cut-away box in the Pacific Ocean that explains El Nino’s effects on Latin America. Place this on the physical map side

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