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P1 STELLAR Programme in Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Primary)

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1 P1 STELLAR Programme in Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Primary)

2 Outline EL Department Goals STELLAR Programme
Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening Grammar / Vocabulary / Comprehension Spelling and Dictation Learning Groups Assessment

3 EL Department Goals Fluent language users Independent learners

4 STELLAR (Strategies for English Language Learning And Reading) Programme

5 Vision of STELLAR Love reading Have a strong foundation
in the English Language

6 STELLAR & Language Learning
Listening Speaking Reading Writing

7 What is a STELLAR lesson like?
Shared Reading Experience (Big Book) 2. Shared Writing Experiences (CDW/Group/Individual, Creative) 3. Language Use Activities in Learning Centres

8 Each STELLAR unit includes
Development of Social Skills oral interaction among peers in non-threatening situations working in partnership with other children turn taking & respect for others during class discussions Independent Learning

9 Reading Materials Big Books Book Flood Books Guided Reading Programme Media Resource Library Books

10 P1 Themes (Term 1) The Farm Concert Walking Through The Jungle
Dan, the Flying Man Smarty Pants

11 Language Oracy Writing Language Development Reading Multi-literacies

12 Language is about communication…
Purpose Language is about communication… Audience Context Culture

13 Speaking (Oracy) Phonics Show and Tell Book-related activities
Storytelling lessons

14 Listening (Aural) Let’s Listen Together Package

15 Reading Assembly Reading Book Flood Books:
- filler/allotted reading time Guided Reading Programme: - carried out fortnightly from Feb - books assigned to pupils according to their language ability Media Resource Library (Term 2) Shared Book Approach (SBA)

16 Writing Class Dictated Writing (CDW) Group Writing
Individual Writing: Informal/Formal Creative Writing /Free Expression

17 Language Development: Grammar/ Vocabulary/ Comprehension
Word Bank - theme-related words - inclusion of new words learnt

18 Spelling & Dictation Weekly Words/phrases to be given
Lists pasted in Jotter Book Dictation: from Term 3*

19 Pedagogy Learning Groups: Experiential Learning Individual Pair Work
Group Learning / Teaching Co-operative Learning Experiential Learning

20 (Listening * Reading * Speaking * Writing)
Alternative Assessment Aural (Let’s Listen Together Ex) Oral (Show & Tell, Class Discussion, Reading & Comprehension) Spelling & Dictation Grammar/Vocabulary (Checkpoints) Writing Penmanship

21 Semester 1 Primary 1 Checkpoints/Performance-based Tasks
Term/Week Topic/Skill Format Term 2–Term 4 (on-going) Oral -Class Participation - Aural -Selected ‘Let’s Listen Together’ Activities Term 1, Week 9 Term 2, Week 9 Grammar & Vocabulary -Checkpoint (1) -Checkpoint (2) Multiple choice questions & Fill in the blanks Writing Creative Writing & Individual Writing Term 1–Term 4 Penmanship

22 Component Unit 1: The Farm Concert Grammar Proper & Common Nouns Capital Letters & Full Stop Vocabulary Vocabulary words: baa, croak, moo, oink, quack, wuff cow, dog, duck, farmer, pig, frog, sheep farm, concert High Frequency Words: a, is, the, you, to, said, went, can, can’t

23 Each unit comprises of the following components:
Note to Parents: For the teaching of English Language in the STELLAR Package, Big Books are used in place of textbooks for each unit. It takes about 2-3 weeks to thoroughly cover a Big Book for each unit. Primary 1 pupils will be covering a total of 17 units. Each unit comprises of the following components:

24 Reading e.g. Reading Aloud and
Reading and Comprehension Language Use: Grammar and Vocabulary, Aural e.g. Let’s Listen Together, Phonics and Show and Tell Writing e.g. Class Dictated Writing, Group Writing, Individual Writing, Creative Writing Spelling and Dictation Penmanship ICT: LEAD LMS and other relevant websites Signature of Father/Mother/Guardian: __ Date: _______

25 How Parents Can Help Inculcate Good Reading/Writing Habit Organisation
- Time Table - Bag & Daily File for Worksheets (Homework) Diary - Close monitoring of work/penmanship - Check periodically Communication: -Diary/Telephone/Meet the Parents (Dialogue with Class/Subject Teachers)

26 Thank You HOD (EL): Mrs Celia Lau
LH (EL): Mrs Pauline Loo Thank You

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