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Adjectives Comparisons Adjectives

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1 Adjectives
Comparisons Adjectives

2 Rule Use the comparative form of an adjective to compare two people, places or things. After the comparative form, use than before the person, place, or thing you are comparing. I’m taller than she. (Formal) I’m taller than her. (informal)

3 Always compare the same things.
Alya’s name is shorter than Shaikha’s name. Alya’s name is shorter than Shaikha. You are comparing names, not people.

4 Short adjectives One syllable adjectives Add –er old older than
I’m older than my sister. Add only –r if the adjective already ends in –e. large The Pacific Ocean is larger than the Atlantic Ocean.

5 Short adjectives If it ends in a consonant, vowel, and consonant, double the last consonant and add –er. thin thinner Alya is thinner than Shaikha.

6 Long adjectives two or more syllables
add more before the adjective and than before the person or thing you are comparing. talkative more talkative than He is more talkative than his brother.

7 Long adjectives famous more famous than
Dubai is more famous than Abu Dhabi.

8 Long adjectives If it ends in –y, don’t use more.
Instead, change the –y to –i, and add –er. busy busier We are busier than they are. funny funnier My joke is funnier than your joke.

9 Exceptions tired, bored
They are short adjectives, but they follow long adjective rules. more tired than and more bored than

10 Exceptions quiet and simple
They are long adjectives, but they follow short adjective rules. quieter than simpler than

11 less is opposite of more
A car is more expensive than a bicycle. A bicycle is less expensive than a car.

12 Irregular forms good good -> better bad bad -> worse far
far -> farther

13 Making a comparison stronger
Use much I am much taller than you are. This book is much more interesting than that other book.

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