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El Cid By Zachary Kidson.

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1 El Cid By Zachary Kidson

2 FQ: Were the titles of Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar justified?

3 Overview Background El Cid, El Champeador of Spain
Fiction behind the Epic El Cid Facts behind the Epic El Cid Were the titles justified? Conclusion

4 Map of Spain

5 Background Born in Vivar, around 1040 or 1043
Served Sancho II and Alfonso Exiled by Alfonso Served the Moorish Lord of Saragossa Became ruler of Valencia in 1094, later died in that year

6 El Cid, El Champeador of Spain
After his death, an epic poem of El Cid, the “El Cantar de Mio Cid” was written in the 12th century. Seen as a hero and Champeador to the people of Spain Portrayal as a noble, Christian and merciful knight. Similar to the Robin Hood stories, a good man, shunned by his king, who is evil and wicked

7 Fiction Behind El Cid Surprisingly, the poem of El Cid has it’s truth, if not embellished A Spanish Christian view of El Cid, due to his actions against the Moors Portrayed as hateful of the Moors, yet it is hard proven that he served the Moors of Saragossa Written as if a protector and working for the betterment of Spain

8 Facts Behind El Cid Didn’t have any defeats in his career
He was seen by the people of Castile, his home area, as a champion and a hero. The Moor and El Cid did have a relationship with one another. Evident in his name. Alfonso did hate and distrust El Cid, even though he was serving his kingdom loyally

9 Were the titles justified?
Yes the first title which comes to mind is El Cid. But he was a commander before he was given the title He had respect from the Spanish Christians and the Moors Yet some of his titles, like hero, can still be debated by modern historians

10 Conclusion

11 Bibliography Websites

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