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The 2009 Rex Parade: All Fools Day Float 21 Cecilia.

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1 The 2009 Rex Parade: All Fools Day Float 21 Cecilia

2 All Fools Day In the past, New Years was celebrated on March 25 and ended on April 1. But in 1582, King Charles IX made a Gregorian calendar to replace the old Julian Calendar. After the replacement of the old calendar, New Years was celebrated on the 1 st of January.

3 History All Fools Day began in the year 1582 in France. All Fools Day in French is called, Poisson dAvril, or April Fish. The people were known as April Fools because they either refused to accept the new calendar or didnt learn about it. So they continued to celebrate New Year on April 1.

4 Enjoying Practical Jokes On this particular day, people usually tell funny jokes and pull pranks on each other. The victim will soon become known as an April Fool.

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6 His Majestys Royal Calliope Float # 14a Amy

7 His Majestys Royal Calliope Calliope was the eldest of the Muses. She was the goddess of music, song, and dances. Calliope was the mother of Orpheus and daughter of Zeus.

8 Steam Piano The Calliope is also known as a Steam Piano. It was often played on riverboats and in circuses. The last steamboat in New Orleans is called Miss Hawley, but everyone calls her Doc.

9 The Streets There is a street in New Orleans called Calliope. In fact, nine New Orleans streets were named after the Greek Muses: Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia and Urania. The locals pronounce the names differently, though. Mel- po-meen instead of Mel-pom- uh-knee, Terp-sih-core instead of Terp-sick-oree, Kal-eee-ope instead of Kuh-lie-oh-pee..

10 Bibliography "Theoi Greek Mythology." Theoi greek mythology. 2008. 03 Feb. 2009. "The calliope on the steamboat Natchez." 2009. 03 Feb. 2009.

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