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Great Britain (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) By student group 25 Beley Ruslan.

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1 Great Britain (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) By student group 25 Beley Ruslan

2 Great Britain on the Map of the World

3 EnglandScotland Wales Northern Ireland Historical Provinces of Great Britain

4 The Flag of Great Britain

5 Royal Coat of Arms

6 «Visiting-Card Great Britain» Area: 244,4 km Population: 59,5 mln people The capital: London Political system: limited monarchy (kingdom), unitary state The region: 92 administrative units consisting of 4 historic areas England - 45 counties + London Wales - 8 counties Scotland - 9 regions Ulster (Northern Ireland) - 1 region Five island territories Characteristics: 13areas (Gibraltar,St. Helena,Falkland Islands, Bermuda, Anguilla, etc.). Currency: pound sterling = 100 pence

7 Coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953. Queen Elizabeth II Queen Elizabeth II on her 80th anniversary in 2006. Wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Edinburgh in the graph 1947.

8 Physiographic Map of Great Britain Лягушка

9 Relief Plains Midland, London. Mountains (old): Pennine (700 m ), Cambrian, Northern Scottish Hi ghlands.

10 Minerals Coal: Yorkshire, north-east, south Wales, Scotland, West Midland, etc... Oil & gas: North Sea. Iron ore: East Midland. Potash and rock salt: Yorkshire.

11 United Kingdom is washed: Atlantic Ocean; Atlantic Ocean; North Sea; North Sea; Irish Sea; Irish Sea; Strait Channel; Strait Channel;

12 Water resources Rivers: Thames, Severn, S pey, Manchester canal.

13 climate Marine, temperate. NW January temperature - + 3,5 º C in July - +12 º C, precipitation 2000 mm. SE January temperature - + 5,5 º C in July - +16 º C, precipitation 600 mm.

14 The capital of the UK - LONDON This is how it looks from space. But yes - on the river Thames.

15 Palace of Westminster to the famous hour tower "Big Ben". Here sits the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

16 Tower of London - Royal castle, built in the 11th century.

17 Tower Bridge.

18 St. Paul's Cathedral, built in the 17th century by the famous English architect C hristopher Wren.

19 Bukinhemskyy Palace - official residence of the royal family in London.

20 ... Decker buses..

21 And the type of reproduction; Natural increase 1; Migration balance - positive (workers from India, Ireland, Africa, Caribbean, South. Europe); Multinational State: 80% - British, 15% - Scots, Irish - 4%, olstertsi, Welsh, gels; Religion - Christianity (Protestantism, Catholicism); The average population density - 243.1 per. per km. square.; Maximum - England - over 350 people. per km. square.; Minimum - Scotland - up to 2 people. per km. square.; The level of urbanization - 89% Big City - Greater London (11 million), Greater Manchester (2.7 million), Birmingham (2.6million), Glasgow (2 million); Metropolis - English (London - Liverpool). POPULATION

22 AGRICULTURE post-industrial countries A small share of employment in agriculture

23 Facilities Energy - Oil company "Brichish Petroleum", 76% - TES (Yorkshire, Greater London), 23% - AES (SW coast., NW.), 1% - HPS (Scotland). Ferrous and nonferrous metals - iron, steel, aluminum, copper, zinc, tin, and others. Mechanical engineering - rocket, accurate, aircraft, automotive, machine tool, shipbuilding.

24 Chemical Industry - Plastics, JI, perfumes, medicines (Greater London), mineral fertilizerand soda (Yorkshire). Textiles - woolen cloth (Yorkshire), cotton (Lankshyr), linen cloth (Ulster), jersey (Sh.Midland). Agriculture - dairy cattle, pigs, poultry (Sh., SW. England), sheep, beef cattle (Scotland,Wales).

25 Agriculture - crops - barley, oats, wheat, sugar beet, fodder crops, horticulture (Sh., SW.England), potato (Ulster). Brewing industry - brewery Bass.

26 Foreign Trade imports Minerals (iron ore, manganese ore and complex ore, aluminum ore, etc..) Natural rubber; Groceries; export oil; Rare and nonferrous metals; Machines (lathes, planes, cars, missiles, electronics); Plastics; Medications.

27 link www.wikipedia

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