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Project Based Learning

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1 Project Based Learning
Presenter Pauline Evans

2 PURPOSE Over a period of several weeks
To become expert in one or more aspects of a topic. Use of: books, magazines, the newspaper, television, and the internet to garner information. Use the computer as an educational tool to plan and present a multimedia presentation at the conclusion of the project.

3 Subject Integration Addresses performance standards in several subject areas: math, science, language arts, etc., Depends on subject and topic under consideration A variety of problem solving and reading experiences The concept of research

4 Skills Observing, reading, recording
interpreting, analyzing, predicting Synthesizing, researching, reporting Vocabulary expansion Creativity Many more

5 Planning Questions to consider: What kind of project will it be?
Can cooperative learning experiences be used with this project? How long will this project take? How many computers will I need? What planning will I have to do with my students?

6 What will it be? The project must be relevant to your classroom environment and curriculum Appropriate for your class Adapted to suit the needs and interests of your students Meet specific content objectives First Time –start small

7 Cooperative Learning A good tool to use
Students learn to work together to achieve set goals No more than 4/ 5 students Guided by the teacher

8 Time Frame 6 – 9 weeks Variables to Consider:
Number of computers available Individual skills and reading levels of students Once you begin, it is important to set a time frame and stick with it to the extent possible

9 Computers One computer, Several computers
A computer lab, Laptop computers Arrange to accommodate group work, establish rules and procedures for using computers and internet. Set up schedule Demonstrate each program or activity on the computer to the whole class. Preinstall any software student will need. Have ready activities as substitutes if technology doesn’t work.

10 The Big Finale Group presentation
Students demonstrate how they have synthesized new information as well as express their creativity Students will present and share their achievements with other classes, parents, etc., PowerPoint Presentation, use of Microsoft publisher, etc

11 Assessment Criteria Organization / Planning: planned presentation in a way that makes sense and support main idea. Research: complete and accurate facts to support main idea Visual: appropriate drawing/ illustrations to support main idea Mechanics: correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization Delivery: presented information clearly, loudly, and with enthusiasm

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