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ArchaeologyA Teaser Do you like to dig? Do you like puzzles?

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1 ArchaeologyA Teaser Do you like to dig? Do you like puzzles?

2 How can we find out what happened a long time ago? We can look at books and writing from the past. We can look at artwork. We can look at old houses and tools. We can find old bones and pottery.

3 Where do we find these things? Sometimes these things are out in the open. Sometimes they are under the sea! Often, they are under the ground or sand.

4 Archaeologists archaeologistsPeople who dig up things from the past are called archaeologists.

5 Archaeologists are like detectives. They must put together pieces and try to make reasonable guesses. They know that all people need food, water, clothing, and shelter. They know that most people have a religion. They have art and music.

6 Artifacts Anything can be an artifact! Artifacts can be bones, tools, pottery, seeds, blankets, mummies, musical instruments, houses…………

7 Kiva


9 Stratigraphy Artifacts are found at many different levels. Usually the lower the artifact the older it is. But earthquakes, erosion, human activity and animals can change this. Stratigraphy Stratigraphy is what scientists call the examination of artifacts and where they are located on different levels.

10 Stratigraphy

11 Finding sites Archaeologists use many techniques to find sites. Old records or stories can help find old towns and shipwrecks. Depressions or mounds can give clues to burial sites. Lots of times new building and excavations for sewers, foundations, and pipelines will dig up old things.

12 Finding sites Today, archaeologists can use satellites and radar to find sites. They can use GPS units to exactly measure where artifacts are and their exact measurements.

13 Tools But once a site is located, excavation can be slow and painstaking. Tools are often as simple as q-tips, small brushes, and hand shovels.

14 Archaeology Archaeologists solve big and little mysteries about the past. They often work long, hot, tiring hours. But it is a lot of fun to find old things and put together the puzzles of the past.

15 Famous Sites Pompeii

16 King Tuts Tomb

17 King Minos Palace (home of the minotaur)

18 UrAbrahams home

19 Titanic

20 Ziggurats in the Americas

21 Egypt

22 Stonehenge

23 Cliff-dwellers in North America

24 Lanse aux Meadows (A Viking settlement)

25 Custers Last Battle

26 Whats Left to Find? As long as people live, there will always be old places to discover and explore. Maybe some day you will uncover a clue that will lead you to an exciting find!

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