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The Next BIG Sign! An integrated unit by Elvis Agard.

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1 The Next BIG Sign! An integrated unit by Elvis Agard

2 A Unit to Inspire Hope in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

3 Why is this Unit Important? In Matthew 24 Jesus spoke of the signs of His coming and the end of the world, as we know it. In an age where evolution is totted as real science and creationism as just religion; where the Bible is implicated as myth rather than recorded fact, this unit shows that God is the ultimate controller of Earths history and that there is no separation between history and the religion of the Bible. Wherever possible, reputable secular sources have been cited so that there is a strong historical focus to the obviously religious content of the unit.

4 What is the Primary NAD Learning Strands are targeted: Religion Grades K-12 Curriculum Guide 2001 General Goal #1: Acceptance of God and His Word General Goal #2: Commitment to the Church Strand 8: The End of Sin (Correlated to Fundamental Belief # 24, 26, 27) Examine end-time prophecies Know Jesus is coming back for all who have chosen to live with Him through eternity Prepare for Jesus return

5 Essential Question According to Matthew 24, what is the next sign of Jesus Second Coming to be fulfilled in entirety?

6 Unit Questions Where in recorded history can we find fulfillments of Jesus prophecy concerning: –False prophets –Wars and rumors of war –Famine –Pestilence –Earthquakes –Persecution –The Gospel preached to all the world –The darkening of the sun –The moon becoming red –The falling of the stars

7 What is the Structure of the Unit Reading Passages: A memory text precedes each passage and instructors are encouraged to find creative ways of helping the students retain these verses. Words to include in the Vocabulary List are highlighted in bold. For differentiated instruction, students may be encouraged to include any word from the passage the for which they are unfamiliar. Instructors are also encouraged to use the pictures included in each passage as a discussion prompt.

8 What is the Structure of the Unit Question and Answer (Q & A): The immediately follow the reading passages. Imbedded are opportunities to assess comprehension of the preceding passage and to develop/assess critical thinking skills.

9 What is the Structure of the Unit Web Hunts: The web hunts allow the students to explorer some aspect of the preceding reading passage on their own. Most information is had from the free only encyclopedia,

10 What is the Structure of the Unit Suggested Activities: These are associated with each reading passage and provide the cross-curricular structure one would expect of an integrated unit. Each may be as performance assessment or cooperative learning activities. For the purpose of differentiated instruction, most of these have a variety of options that can be chosen to meet the students needs. These can include research papers, brochures, artwork, recipes, and experiments. The suggested activities can easily extend the 10-day span of the unit.

11 What is the Structure of the Unit? Additional Resources: These are found in the Appendix from Resource A-E and may be included in the student portfolio. There will be found a Countdown Chart, Folder Cover Page, Vocabulary List, Personal Timeline, and a KWL Chart, and Puzzles.

12 Where does Integration occur? Exercises and activities span Art Language Arts ScienceComputers Social Studies DramaMusic Home Economic

13 How are the signs organized? AFTER BEFORE 70 AD Signs Fulfilling BOTH Before and After 70 AD False Prophets Famines Pestilence Earthquakes Persecution Spreading of Gospel Wars First Category… First Category…

14 How are the signs organized? Signs Fulfilling ONLY AFTER 70 AD Second Category Sun Darkened Red Moon Falling Stars AFTER 70 AD

15 Here are the Dates… Sign Pre-70 AD Post-70 AD False Prophets 35-70 AD…until now Famines 40-70 AD 1845 -1849 Irish: Potatoe Famine Pestilence 40-70 AD 14th – 17th century: Black Death Earthquakes 40-70 AD 1755: Lisbon Earthquake Persecution 40-70 AD 538-1773 during Dark Ages Spreading of Gospel 40-70 AD…until now Wars 40-70 AD1914-1918 WWI Sun Darkened ---1780 Red Moon ---1780 Falling Stars ---1833

16 What is the Unit Schedule? Activities can span a 10 day block: Day 1What will be the sign? Day 2False prophets Day 3Famine Day 4 Pestilence Day 5 Earthquakes Day 6 Persecution Day 7 To all the world Day 8 Wars and rumors of war Day 9 Three Special Signs Day 10 The Second Coming of Jesus

17 What About Accommodations for Differentiated Instruction? For Resource Student and Gifted Student: : The suggested activities for each section comprise activities of varying forms and levels of difficulty. Wisely chosen, each may compliment a students needs.

18 What about Student Assessment? Individual Assessment: The Question and Answer, Web Hunt and Suggested Activities all provide opportunities for individual assessment. Performance Assessment and/or Cooperative Learning: The Suggested Activities all provide opportunities for individual assessment.

19 Should I try this unit? Its highly recommended!

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