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Investigation 3 Earth History Grade 6

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1 Investigation 3 Earth History Grade 6
Grand Canyon Rocks Investigation 3 Earth History Grade 6

2 Samples Geologists take rock samples (small, representative pieces) to gather information about the rock’s location and to draw where the samples were located. Geologists write detailed descriptions of the rock samples in their field journals.

3 Sedimentary Rocks Sedimentary rocks are rocks that form in layers when sediments are cemented together. Examples: Limestone and Sandstone

4 Layers Flat deposits of rock.
Layers can be thick or thin, but they always extend over a large area. Examples: Cakes, paint, peanut butter.

5 Correlation Correlate is a word that means to find a relationship or connection between rock layers from two or more locations. Geologists make connections about rocks using correlation.

6 Plateau A large, nearly level area of land that has been uplifted or elevated above the surrounding area. Example: Colorado Plateau

7 Rock Column The sequence of rocks.
The top layer in each column is exposed at the surface. Geologists use rock columns to show the sequence of rocks that they see in a particular area.

8 Formation A rock layer composed of more than one kind of rock, but that the sequence of rocks can be recognized from one place to another. Examples: Kaibab Formation and Moenkopi Formation.

9 The vertical distance measured above sea level.
Elevation The vertical distance measured above sea level.

10 Differential Erosion Occurs where a mountain or a plateau is made out of both soft, weak rocks (example: slate) and harder, more resistant rocks (example: Sandstone or Limestone). The weaker rocks wear away faster, leaving behind knobs and cliffs of more resistant rocks. Landforms shaped like steps or cliffs and slopes are formed by the process of differential erosion.

11 FOSS Web Multimedia Please visit the FOSS Website.
Go to Earth History User Name: Ms. Walsh Password: sciencerocks Click “Enter the Program” and “Continue” Go to the “Geology Lab” and go to “Earth Processes” View examples of Erosion and Deposition. Please click on the link below to begin your exploration:


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