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Undergraduate Community Health Environmental Teaching Module.

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1 Undergraduate Community Health Environmental Teaching Module

2 Week 1 Concepts of Community What is community Windshield Survey-Clinical Assignment EH Community Assessment Tool Alma Alta-Wellness for all conference in Russia Upstream Thinking Why illness occurs? Where does it come from?

3 Week 1 Perspective of Public Health Community Based vs Population Focused Diversity in the community Public Health Intervention Wheel Environmental Health Environment and Health go together Toxicology Pharmacology

4 Week 2 Environment Studies Body Burden- EWG Studies Umbilical Cord Teen Studies Bottled Water Hormones RNs Skin Deep

5 Week 2 Vulnerability and Risk Environment Health Risk Survey Climate Change Mercury and Fish Deforestation Tap Water Home Assessment Self/Client EH Home Assessment FDA and Nutrition- National Nutrition Survey National Center For Health Statistics

6 Resource List Federal State Departments of Environments and PH Divisions of Maternal and Child Health Minority Health Migrant Health Housing Authorities

7 Resource List Local Health Department Cooperative Extension Farming- Pesticides Council on Aging Websites for Date Resources Scorecard Toxnet

8 Resources National Health Interview Survey BRFSS-Behavior Risk Factor Statistical Survey NHANES-Nutrition

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