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Strategic Collaborations for ARRA: Opportunities for Adult Education The Forum Sponsored by CDE Leadership Projects CALPRO, CASAS, and OTAN.

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1 Strategic Collaborations for ARRA: Opportunities for Adult Education The Forum Sponsored by CDE Leadership Projects CALPRO, CASAS, and OTAN

2 Adult Education Administrators Forum Providing a venue for adult administrators to critically engage with their peers on topics that affect the development, management, and sustainability or their adult education programs

3 Strategic Collaborations for ARRA: Opportunities for Adult Education Debra Jones, Adult Education Administrator California Department of Education Susan Handy, Principal/Director Bakersfield Adult School Neil Kelly, Consultant California Department of Education

4 Strategic Collaborations for ARRA: Opportunities for Adult Education Learn about ARRA funding goals, opportunities and requirements Discover how adult education can participate in funding Locate local and statewide networking opportunities linking adult education with workforce development Alternative funding for adult education – what is an ETPL? Learn how to create strategic collaborations and partnerships

5 Update on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 On February 17, 2009, the President signed an economic stimulus bill, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009. The bill provides policy guidance and direction for funding under ARRA activities authorized under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and provides instructions regarding the requirement that states modify their WIA and Wagner- Peyser Strategic Plans.

6 ARRA ARRA intent is to preserve and create jobs, promote economic recovery, and assist those most impacted by the recession. Implementation should yield increased services for workers in need and also invigorate, more innovative public workforce system enabling future economic growth and shared prosperity for Americans.

7 Focus of workforce system and delivery strategies should be on the regional economy Sector strategies for an integral comprehensive approach to workforce development: Renewable energy Broadband and telecommunications Health care Advanced manufacturing Other high demand industry sectors identified by local areas

8 There are four principles for utilizing the funding: 1.Transparency and accountability 2.Timely spending of funds and implementation activities 3.Increase workforce system capacity and service levels 4.Use data and workforce information to guide strategic planning and service delivery

9 Expectations Local areas are expected to substantially increase the number of customers served and the number and proportion of customers who receive training ARRA funds must be used to supplement annual WIA appropriations and must only be used for activities that are in addition to those otherwise available in the local area.

10 Expectations (continued) ARRA funds are to be spent concurrently with other WIA funding and should not replace State or local funding currently dedicated to workforce development and summer jobs. ARRA funds must be tracked and spent separately. States should utilize a portion of funds to enhance the workforce and economic information availability and use to focus on supporting regional and Local Workforce Investment Boards (LWIBs).

11 Five Key Provisions 1.Contracts with institutions of higher education and other training providers are allowable if the WIB determines it would facilitate training of multiple individuals in high demand occupations and does not limit customer choice. 2.Emphasis on serving low-income, displaced and under-skilled adults and disconnected youth. 3.Local areas must develop a close partnership relationships between Unemployment Insurance and One-Stop services to ensure Unemployment Insurance claimants are quickly linked to a local One-Stop to develop and pursue an employment plan. 4.The Employment and Training Administration encourages states to recognize opportunities to prepare workers for green jobs related to other sources of federal funding. 5.Recovery act funds for infrastructure, healthcare, etc. will create job opportunities for workers.

12 How can adult education participate in ARRA funding? What happened in Kern County: Employers Training Resource Request for Funding Proposal (RFP) due March 11, 2009 Proposals reviewed and rated – 68 pts and above were considered for funding WIB approval April 2, 2009 Request for reconsideration approved (BAS) Finance and Executive Committee- appeals and reconsiderations Kern County Board of Supervisors approval

13 Statewide and Local Networking opportunities linking adult education with workforce development EDD/WIA Title I Fund Sources: ETPL – CDE is currently working with EDD on populating their ETPL database with adult school information – but it is a few years away from statewide implementation ARRA – Summer Youth Funding – process info, update on waiver and basic skills issue Governors Discretionary Funding – Allied Health - $10 M went over to community colleges – shows the need for adult ed to be more visible Rapid Response Funding – another funding source serving dislocated workers / reskilling & retraining – adult ed can help California Green Jobs Corps – targeting at-risk youth 16-24 years of age – match requirement – adult ed can provide the matching requirement

14 Alternative funding for adult education – What is an ETPL? ETPL - Eligible Training Provider List Agency forms are posted on local ETR site Available to educational agencies and CBOs Complete forms – There are no deadlines! Submit to LWIB for approval LWIB submits approved program to State for approval and program once State approved program will be listed on the State provider list ITA – Individual Training Accounts Agency completes cost per individual Any approved client in the State of California can be referred to an approved program. Upon acceptance to the State the provider and the providers program/s will appear on the following State website: Http:// Http://

15 Strategic Collaborations and Partnerships How to make it happen? Attend a WIB meeting – introduce yourself / network /practice your 30 second pitch / be an expert Get on a local committee / offer your services – never ask for a handout Meet your one stop operator / get on ETPL / develop referral process / set up a MOU that works / offer eTest as an option Show them your basic skills assessment / tell them its DOL approved for common measures Do a cost benefit as compared to over training providers in the region / demonstrate ability to monitor success Help them report youth common measures (literacy/numeracy gains, high school diploma) – get on their youth policy board Build relationships – people trust who they know! Be visible – don't give up – it may take a while – but it will pay off

16 What value can adult ed bring to the local WIB? Free or low cost basic skills education – High School, ABE, GED, ESL, CTE, etc. Adult Ed provides assessment and tracks progress across courses for advancement and employment attainment Provides CASAS Workforce readiness assessments, including eTests People are out of work and are looking for retraining / reskilling – adult ed can place them quickly in appropriate programs Links career pathways to growth sectors and post secondary Adult ed is recognized for helping low income, low skilled individuals move towards middle skilled jobs


18 Whats Next? These slides and other information related to the Administrators Forum will be available on OTAN, Subscribe to the Administrators Forum email list by sending an email to

19 Thank you for your participation in THE FORUM Debra Jones Susan Handy Neil Kelly CALPRO, CASAS, and OTAN

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