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Cyber Crime and Technology

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1 Cyber Crime and Technology
Chapter Fifteen Cyber Crime and Technology

2 Cyber Crime Innovation has created new opportunities to commit crime
Technological revolution has provided new tools to misappropriate funds, damage property, and sell illicit material Ultimately created cyber crime which is a new breed of offenses that can be singular or ongoing Usually involves theft and/or destruction of information, resources, or funds utilizing computers, networks and the Internet

3 Challenge to the Criminal Justice System
Rapidly evolving with new schemes being created daily It is difficult to detect through traditional law enforcement channels Its control demands that agents of the system develop technical skills that match those of the perpetrators

4 Types of Cyber Crime Cyber Theft Cyber Vandalism Cyber Terrorism

5 Cyber Theft Use of cyberspace to either distribute illegal goods and services or to defraud people for quick profits Examples Computer fraud Distributing illegal sexual material Denial of service attack Illegal copyright infringement Internet securities fraud Identity theft Etailing fraud

6 Cyber Vandalism Use of cyberspace for revenge, destruction, and to achieve malicious intent Examples Worms, viruses, Trojan horses, logic bombs, spam Website defacement Cyber stalking Cyber bullying Cyber spying

7 Cyber Terrorism An effort by covert forces to disrupt the intersection where the virtual electronic reality of computers meets the physical world Examples Logic bombs used to destroy networks and systems Communicate covertly around the world Why? An attack can strike directly at an economic target No Borders of legal control No need to infiltrate enemy territory, no loss of life Growing number of highly skilled computer experts Funds terrorist activities

8 The Extent and Costs of Cyber Crime
Internet is a vast engine for illegal profits and criminal enterprises Will never have an accurate account of all cyber crime But, the incidence is growing tremendously Thousands of breaches each year Losses of billions of dollars The U.S. is not alone in cyber crime

9 Controlling Cyber Crime
There is a new need for laws and enforcement processes specifically aimed at controlling cyber crime and its cost to the economy Continually need new federal and state laws Also need international treaties Specific cyber crime enforcement agencies Local law enforcement efforts

10 Information Technology in Criminal Justice
Criminal justice agencies are now using modern technology to increase their effectiveness A lot of federal grant money has been invested in all types of law enforcement agencies

11 Information Technology, Crime, and Civil Liberties
Advancements in information technology techniques helps the effectiveness and efficiency of criminal justice agencies Many people argue that this compromises the privacy and liberty of U.S. citizens who have not engaged in illegal activity ACLU is wary of “Big Brother”

12 New Technology and Civil Liberties
Biometric identification Linking surveillance information to data processing and storage systems As the threat of cyber crime grows, individuals may be willing to tolerate invasions of property

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