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Wikis in the Classroom Ben Smith

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1 Wikis in the Classroom Ben Smith

2 About Me Physics Teacher Technology Resource Teacher Keystone Technology Integrator Doctoral Student in Instructional Technology ISTE Board of Directors

3 NETS - S


5 Another View

6 Old Ways of Adding Web Content Hard Coding HTML GoLive / Dreamweaver Word, FrontPage, Pagemill Inspiration Cookie Cutter: Method SchoolCenter, SchoolWorld, Edline

7 What is a Wiki? Server Software Supports Hyperlinks Easy to Add Pages Promotes content composition by non- technical users Wikis in Plain English

8 A History on Wiki Began in 1995 Origin inspired by HyperCard Types Wikispaces Pbwiki / Pbworks

9 Issues for Teachers Who is adding content? Is the information reliable? Different than a blog One on one interactions Different than a forum Many users but one question focus Public or Private

10 Wiki Uses Present Class Content Share ideas for projects Publish student examples Student portfolios Lab Reports Media Portfolio Podcast directory Classroom Newsletter Any informational content

11 Wiki Examples

12 User Created Content Student author / create their own media Writing Pad - Wacom, mimio Camcorders, Cameras, Webcams Widgets, Snippets, HTML Embedding Graphic Organizers Screenshots External Links

13 Wiki Setup Internet Connection Student Accounts Email or No Email

14 Budget Free for K-12 Wikis Manage.. Subscriptions.. Request Upgrade $5 - $10 per month for removal of ads Time for students

15 Alternatives Content Management Systems Make your own website Open Source - TWiki

16 Decisions / Considerations Collaboration Policy Can students create their own? Navigation Menu - Plan Ahead

17 Getting Started Begin Simple Post wiki and use for enrichment Give in class assignments Assign single students or groups to post per unit Post teacher management documents Podcast Directory

18 Managing a Wiki Have changes forwarded to your email Track recent changes Add Discussions

19 Checklist of Wiki Skills Add Text Add Images Add PDF or other files Add MP3 Hyperlink to one of your pages Hyperlink to an outside webpage Embed a widget Add a Table Find Special Characters Kick a Member out Lock a page Monitor a space Change the look and feel Notify others

20 Questions Email: Website:

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