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Contracting and Business Opportunities with Transportation Planning American Bus Association 2010 Marketplace Hal Morgan, Taxicab Limousine & Paratransit.

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1 Contracting and Business Opportunities with Transportation Planning American Bus Association 2010 Marketplace Hal Morgan, Taxicab Limousine & Paratransit Association Dan Dalton, KFH Group

2 TLPA awarded a grant from FTA to assist private transportation operators in understanding and becoming involved in the transportation planning process…and the opportunities for business and contracting that may follow Includes opportunities for free technical assistance Planning Ahead seminars – modules will be available on TLPA Website in near future Background

3 Todays Objectives Discuss the benefits of being involved in the transportation planning process Provide information on the transportation planning process Help identify potential opportunities for your business

4 Transportation Planning – the Realities Even for the most seasoned transportation professional, the process can be convoluted and difficult to determine where you fit in You already have plenty on your plate, so going to more meetings may not be high on your list – unless there are potential business development opportunities

5 Gain access to decision-makers and public transit and other transportation providers: Opportunity to be where they meet and use that venue to network Form partnerships and learn about opportunities to expand your services Enable you to provide your perspective, including offering ways to provide more efficient and effective services Chance to sell yourself and your company Transportation Planning – So Why Get Involved?

6 Eighty percent of success is showing up -- Woody Allen

7 Some Bus Service Opportunities Contracts to provide transit services Intercity Bus Services Express Commuter Services

8 SAFETEA-LU United We Ride Mobility Management Some Terms You May Hear

9 Job Access and Reverse Commute Program New Freedom Program Section 5307 Section 5311 Section 5311(f) Some FTA Programs You Should Know

10 Federal law requires public participation and consultation with variety of service providers …to the maximum extent practicable Provides you with the opportunity to contribute ideas and provide feedback to various plans and at various levels of transportation planning: Some Planning Process Background Metropolitan Statewide Rural Local

11 A MPO is required by law in urbanized areas with a population greater than 50,000 (currently 385 throughout the country) Develop plans and programs for existing and future expenditures based on a 3C planning process: Continuing Cooperative Comprehensive Is the required forum for cooperative transportation decision making in the metropolitan area What is a Metropolitan Planning Organization?

12 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) Key Documents from the MPO Planning Process

13 Finding Your Local MPO Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Database

14 Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan Local Transit Planning Other Transportation Planning

15 New requirement under SAFETEA-LU Projects funded through the FTAs Job Access and Reverse Commute and New Freedom Programs must be derived from a locally developed coordinated public transit-human services transportation plan Process must include representatives of public, private, and non-profit transportation and human service providers, and participation by members of the public Coordinated Planning Requirements

16 Assessment of available services that identifies current transportation providers Assessment of transportation needs for people with disabilities, older adults, and people with low incomes (should include private transportation services) Strategies, activities, and/or projects to address identified gaps and achieve efficiencies in service delivery Relative priorities for implementation based on resources, time, and feasibility Required Plan Elements

17 Coordinated Transportation Plan – Example Components Relevant for Private Transportation Providers Inventory of Public and Private Transportation Services Transportation Needs and Issues Gaps in intercity bus services Intermodal transportation centers Improved coordination between public transit, intercity bus services, and human service transportation providers Lack of central point of contact for information on all available transportation services

18 Coordinated Transportation Planning Outcomes Partnership between Treasure Valley Transit (TVT) and Northwestern Trailways TVT office now serving as ticketing agent for Northwestern Trailways Customers can call TVT Transit Center to access info on Northwestern Trailways services

19 Treasure Valley Transit/ Northwestern Trailways Partnership Our partnership with TVT is proof that the local planning and coordination process can lead to great things. Through the local process, we were able to learn a great deal about other providers and how we might be able to collaborate. --Bill Brannan, Northwestern Trailways

20 Local Transit Service Planning Many transit providers develop specific plans May be within an MPO region, but often county-based or for services provided in non- urban areas Process typically includes: Inventory of available transportation services (including private transportation providers) Assessment of unmet transportation needs Recommendations of service alternatives and improvements

21 From TLPA Members…. Know which agencies are responsible for planning transportation improvements, how they do this and when Work with your local MPO and their advisory councils Join key local committees and influence their decisions Understand your communitys demographics, economics, and development -- and how they change over time Establish professional relationships with others in community who are interested in high-quality, multi-modal transportation services Source: Business Growth Opportunities for TLPA Members in Federally Funded Transportation Programs Tips on Becoming a Part of the Planning Process

22 Develop relationships -- get to know your communitys leaders Be creative Make yourself available to the community Make yourself heard if theres a problem Be prepared to invest real time and effort More Words of Wisdom from TLPA Members

23 FTA Private Enterprise Participation Website Includes More Tips on Becoming a Part of the Planning Process --

24 Establishing Your Value Before you venture into the transportation planning process, consider your value to the community: What does your company have to offer? How does the value of your company compare to other resources in the market? Do you have knowledge of the entire transit community? Public transit, private operators, non- profits, etc. Where does your company fit in?

25 Transportation Planning Process Recap Become familiar with funding programs, planning terms, and planning documents Establish your companys value Get to know the planners in your area Join appropriate committees Get to know your local transit provider Ask questions about the planning process – when committees meet, when plans are updated, etc.

26 TLPA Toll Free Hot Line Questions on being involved in the planning process How to overcome problems in getting involved Developing services for consideration in the planning process 1-866-928-6550

27 Upcoming Resource Provides a working knowledge of the transportation planning process Discusses the benefits of being involved Helps assess objectives for participation Draft currently under review by TLPA advisory committee, available in early 2010

28 Contact Information Hal Morgan, TLPA 301-984-5700 Dan Dalton, KFH Group 301-951-8660

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