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Potamias Georgios Teacher, 5th public Elementary Public School of Neo Iraklio, Athens Phd student in Pedagogy UOA Med in Applied Education Med in Educational Administration

2 Municipality of Irakleio
(Greek: Ηράκλειο) is a suburb in the northern part of Athens, Greece, and a municipality of the Attica region. Has a population of about 49,642 inhabitants (2011).

3 Little bit of History…. The name Irakleio derives from «Ηρακλής» that means Hercules because of an ancient temple devoted to the ancient hero. In medieval times the place was called “Arakli”

4 Irakleio THE TOWN THE CLOCKTOWER IN THE SQUARE Farmlands used to dominate much of the landscape, including groves. During the early to mid 20th century, urban development and industrial buildings replaced much of the farmland. Today, most of the land is residential. THE GATE THE RAIL STATION


6 The main street accesses to the famous Olympic Stadium ,aka Athens Olympic Sports Complex, and is to the east of the municipality. The Olympic Arch designed by Santiago Calatrava The Olympic Complex

7 The Mayor’s Hall The Emblem of the Municipality Irakleio has schools, a few lyceums (high schools), gymnasia, banks, a train station, a sports centre, cinemas, post offices, squares (plateies) and an old stone quarry mine in the area of Ano Heraklio. Air- photo of the main square

8 A community founded by Germans
During the 19th century it was a military Bavarian colony founded by the Bavarian king Otto. In 1858 came the brewer Fuchs from Muhldorf Bavaria to Greece. He remained in the colony and established a brewery which still exists nowadays. Muhldorf and Irakleio have become today twin cities.

Heraklion should have been known as: The only settlement in Greece created and colonized by Germans. The Municipality with the longest history and infrastructure of the Catholic Church and with the most Catholics in Attica. The place where the first beer in Greece was made in 1858 by the family Fix, and had a monopoly in Greece from 1864 to 1963. The place where the first land registry was made by the Bavarian Baur to allocate farms to Bavarian settlers.

10 More photos…. First beer advertisement Contempora-ry fix beer
Annual beer festival

11 A very successful beer Poster from the beer festival Scenes from the festival The Mayor in Muhldorf

12 The local football team
The brewery The Fix estate The local football team The modern brewery on an ancient vineyard

13 Our school Situated close to the area where the first German settlers lived, in the area called “Ipirotika” because after the Germans many people from Epirus (a Greek north region) came. Has about 200 students and 13 classes, ICT lab, sports facilities and a thetrical stage. Various Innovative programs are being carried out by educators (about culture, ICT innovation, health, environmental awareness)

14 Our school… Antibullying programs Theatrical poster
Environmental Education


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