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SPECIC Student Practice E-Commerce In Campus. Lets Start a Corporation Every one in class is an equal Share-holder of this corporation. Every one in class.

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1 SPECIC Student Practice E-Commerce In Campus

2 Lets Start a Corporation Every one in class is an equal Share-holder of this corporation. Every one in class is an equal Share-holder of this corporation. Now, think of a few names, choose or vote one for your companys name. Now, think of a few names, choose or vote one for your companys name. It will be the domain name of your web site, and the Brand of your business. (Say, school name is O.K) It will be the domain name of your web site, and the Brand of your business. (Say, school name is O.K)

3 Of this Company, We are Owners and Employers…So, we Elect the Board of Directors *if less than certain numbers of members in class, then everyone can be a director. Now, Self Introduction, each director speaks of his vision` interest` specialty` talent…and WHAT kind of job he thinks he is best suited for.

4 Directors speaks of his Vision and Plan--- Business Development Director (CEO): Design Business Strategy, Web Site content` maintenance` revise. His Team: M embers enroll and recruit. News group, Composing group Operational Director (COO): Promote Website, Opinions Research, Campaign and Coordination… Marketing & Sales Director: Get more leads of targeted customers. Classmates, Schoolmates, Friends, Associates….Broadcast Hot E-mail whenever a Promotion or event is coming

5 Election and voting Now, among candidates, Elect the Chair of Board & CEO` COO` CFO These are the chief executives of this enterprise, their tenure should be regulated, and can be recalled if business does not run prosperously!

6 Organize the structure of company, find the best talented personnel for right Job, all members of class should apply at least one to utmost 3 jobs and to be interviewed by directors … We Need--- In this Company, We are Employees as well---

7 Director of P.R: Associate with all Student Club in Campus, Provide news material to Website Director of H.R: Job Assigning, Negotiate compensation Activity Team Leader: Event Planning Treasure Calculating Rewards Secretary File & Document Advertising Customer Service Important group Administration Forum Meeting Helps Wanted --- Job Applicants Each applicant gets 5 minutes for speech… -----then Q&A

8 Appointment --- Assigning Jobs Welcome on board Team Executives now recruits his team members: Each member may apply multiple jobs, To bring his talent into full play

9 To commence, begin to build the Web Site CEO call for meeting, assigning task, Make the content of your web site be related to all your target customers ---The Schoolmates in campus *SPORTS: All games *School Activities *Concerts *Festival *Prom *Party * Student Club meetings Event Calendar:

10 Add the Attraction Blog Forum Popular topic Good Ideas ---A Billboard as Community Center in Campus Accomplish the Web Site, Revise and keep it as fresh as Updated with current affairs.

11 Sales Department: Prepare Customer Data Base. Start promoting your Web Site in Campus. Get all leads : As many e-mail address as you can. Classmates` friends schoolmates` and your associates… With a Creative Subject: Send out weekly Hot E- Mail to them as a regular message. Make recipients looking forward to seeing it.

12 Brain Storming Meeting: Good Ideas Marketing and Innovative Promotion--- With Innovative ideas of Promotion, Make everyone in Campus Visit Your Website

13 While Promoting Website, ** Start the E-Business --- Apply Affiliation Program, *Link the Shopping Mall of your Website to Congratulation, You are Now in Business!

14 How much is Campus Marketplace annually? The following figures are the average product sales in the U.S college store market, from largest to smallest segments in 2008: * Required course materials56%$5.543 billion * Computer Products16%$1.557 billion * Insignia merchandise13%$1.233 billion * Other merchandise 7%$0.598 billion * Student supplies 6%$0.538 billion * General/trade books 3%$0.324 billion 100%$9.739 billion ** Around 10 billion is the size of campus market value.

15 What is the share which entrepreneurial students has had already possessed in this market? This chart is from National Association of College Stores (NACS) of 2009: As research of Student Attitudes & Buying Habits from: Student Watch 2008 This chart shows online shopping constitutes ¼ of the campus market, include online stores` campus stores websites and Student-to-student websites. (STS: Students websites affiliate with certain E-commerce)

16 What Do We See From It? Up to now, STS type business is neither backed up by school program, nor properly consulted, only some individual students who affiliate with certain retail e-business, yet they can achieve such a market share, then it shows a significant SIGN --- Student can sell to students SUCCESSFULLY! Almost one hundred million in sales volume was done by existing students website, which reveals:

17 Team Work to replace Individual STS Business The uniqueness of STS online business type is that: Vendors and customers are together in the same community. They are either classmates` schoolmates or friends; they meet face to face and communicate in person. This certain condition has enhanced the interrelation and mutual trust which promotes the STS business in campus fast and easy. Because customer satisfaction is guaranteed, any time` anything goes wrong they know who to complain to, get result directly, not necessary to dial 1-800 number and waiting for some far away stranger to handle the problem., If price is the same, online store outside campus would be replaced by STS easily. Your Website will be successful, the Team Spirit and Power!

18 Financial Reward to the Team --- All commission according to the Affiliation Program will be deposited to the teams bank account, shared by the team in later time. At the end of the semester, Company should provide a list of how they decide to divide the total amount in their account. We Encourage : Certain percentage should be allocated to sponsor campus event, and partially for donation to school fund raising. Theyll learn by caring for their community; in return, it would help to create a good image, which aids to the business prosperous. In the future, theyll be the active members that contributes to their community.

19 Each been paid as Entrepreneur --- Theyll have to learn how to evaluate each members contribution to the Team, and how should they be compensated fairly by ones effort. A way to learn how to judge others and yourself. A chance to practice discussion and negotiation, finally compromising. Get conclusion to distribute the share of each employee.

20 GET PAID --- Team e-mail the pay roll list to, together with every payees SSN. A check will be sent to each payee with a form of 10-99 as he is an independent contractor of He earned the money, not as a P/T for McDonald like before; This time, he earns it as an entrepreneur.

21 A Hands-on practice of a true business in the real world and make genuine profit --- He learned: Business operation and administration. Innovative way and Out- of-Box thinking. Marketing strategy and Sales tactics. …and He gained: Talent development and self confidence. Leadership and partnership Human relation and coordination. Personality and integrity

22 Investment of this Program Capital Investment: Domain name registration ($9.99 annually as by Website parking ($38.99 annually by most provider) Paper & stationary **Total investment suppose to be $100.00 for one year. Labor Investment: All Efforts of team members. (Time and Energy)

23 Possible Result --- The team either makes a fortune along with a successful experience, Or the lesson of why they didnt make it, and get aware of what they lack of….

24 The ever lasting Team --- Students remain only 3 to 4 years in campus during schooling, theyll leave at time of graduation. New kids will enroll in school as always, some of them may want to join the entrepreneurship curriculum, they could apply the jobs of the Company Team, and interviewed by directors so as to be appointed to certain position with an agreeable compensation; the alumni can be invited as consultants, and business keeps going on … Make it the most memorable experience of their campus life for these members!

25 SIDE PROGRAM, MONEY VALUE --- If the Team made a considerable sum of money, they should be taught of financing course, how to handle it correctly --- make the best use of their income …

26 THE INSTRUCTOR COMMITTEE * OF SPECIC PROGRAM A committee will be established for educators and instructors of SPECIC program in school. Youll all be the consultant of this project to advise us to better device and improve this program,

27 Propose to all colleges and high schools SPECIC: A hands-on e-commerce practice in Campus. A lively enterprise in real business world that will arouse students passion by making genuine profit as a true entrepreneur! Presented by: Mark S. Liu Young Entrepreneur Assoc. in So. California

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