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Literature and the Child Created by Dr. Lee-Anne Spalding Source: Literature and the Child 8 th Ed.

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1 Literature and the Child Created by Dr. Lee-Anne Spalding Source: Literature and the Child 8 th Ed.

2 Quality childrens literature... Contributes to oral language development Helps students become better readers Helps students become better writers Leads students to LOVE reading Unites varied cultures NOTE: book CODE p. 8

3 Literary Narrative Elements Pg. 12 (8 th Ed.) Setting Characterization Plot Theme Style –Point of View

4 Criteria for Good Books! Open your text Pg. 10; Figure 1-1 Do any of these books stand out to you? If so, why? BOOK BUZZ! Helpful Figures: -1.2 pg. 14 Genres of …. -1.3 pg. 28 Characteristics of good books by genre

5 Formats Picture Books :) P. 19 –Illustrations support text (ESOL friendly) –Attract talented artists –Can be wordless –Based on format; can cover all genres –Appropriate for children of ALL ages Graphic Novels P. 21 Beyond the printed page…

6 Poetry Appealing to the ear (rhythmic) as well as the mind and emotions Helps with beginning reading skills Helps teach PA skills Expands vocabulary NCTE recognizes outstanding poets

7 Folklore Passed down through generations by word of mouth; therefore change over time No known authors Nursery rhymes, fairy tales, tall tales Paul Bunyan, fables (moral tales-teach lesson), mythology, legends, epics, hero tales, folk songs, & religious stories Tend to be very diverse

8 Fantasy Imaginative literature Could not happen in the real world Ranges from talking animal stories for very young to complex novels that explore universal truths

9 Science Fiction Imaginative extrapolation of fact and theory Use scientific principles and established theories to create stories that could happen in the future Common science fiction- space travel and the establishment of future worlds See Pg. 15-16 (Hunger Games)

10 Realistic Fiction Fiction set in modern times with events that actually could occur in the real world Characters, plot and setting are created to stay within the realm of possibility Covers a wide range of human emotions as well as traditional themes of making friends and growing up

11 Historical Fiction Fictitious characters set in past events that did or could have occurred Authors who write this genre do careful research; now from multiple perspectives Range in time periods from prehistoric through 20th century Usually told through the perspective of a child or young adult living through a particular time period

12 Biography Tells of a real persons life or portion of it Subjects usually have led exemplary lives and were/are famous Come in picture book form or novel Autobiographies are written by the person themselves

13 Nonfiction Informational books that explain a subject Outnumbers fiction 12 to 1 in most libraries Represented in many ways; picture books, photo-essays, how tos, expository text Covers a wide range of topics Have evolved to not only inform but delight children

14 Early Notable Contributors to Childrens Literature John Newbery (1744) *opened bookstore/published sold books Lewis Carroll (1865) *first written purely for childrens pleasure Nathaniel Hawthorne (1851) *first American book for kids Beatrix Potter (1902) *The Tale of Peter Rabbit Margery Williams (1922) *beginning of modern picture books Ludwig Bemelmans (1939) *Madeline Robert McCloskey (1941) *Make Way for Ducklings E. B. White (1952) * Charlottes Web

15 Resources and Awards Appendix A- Awards Pg. 433- Booklist Pg. 469- Author/Title Index Pg. 491- Subject Index The Newbery Award given yearly since 1922, for excellence in children's literature The Caldecott Medal given yearly to the illustrator of the most distinguished picture book of the year Coretta Scott King Award awarded annually to African American authors and illustrators whose work exemplifies all that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood for; peace, courage, determination and world brotherhood

16 Children and books arent made of velcro; they dont stick without a little help from significant others… - Cullinan and Galda, p. 24 2002

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