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Drivers Ed. Chapter 12 Review.

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1 Drivers Ed. Chapter 12 Review

2 When visibility is reduced, what is the first thing you should do in the IPDE process?
Slow down

3 When does rain make the road the slickest?
When it first starts to rain

4 When your stopping distance is greater than the distance lighted by your lights you are _____.
Overdriving your headlights

5 What should you have on just before dawn and dusk?
Low beams

6 How can you keep the inside of your car windows clear in high humidity or rainy days?
Defroster or air conditioner

7 Why should you work harder to get visual information when visibility is reduced?
You need more reaction time

8 How should you warn drivers that you are stopped along the shoulder of the road?
Use your flashers

9 When driving into sun glare, how can you reduce the glare?
Use sunglasses and your visor

10 What is normal stopping distance at night?
The distance you travel in four seconds at normal speed

11 If a driver comes towards you and does not dim their high beams, what should you do to reduce the glare? Look ahead with quick glances

12 What is happening when you are hydroplaning?
Your tires are riding on the surface of the water

13 How should you drive if you must drive through deep water?
Ride the brakes

14 Where is there better traction while driving on wet roads?
In the tire tracks of the car ahead of you

15 Why shouldn’t you set your parking brake in slush or icy conditions?
It may freeze

16 What headlights should you use to help others see you in heavy rain?
Low beams

17 What does the temperature light or gauge want you about?
The engine is making more heat than the cooling system can handle

18 What should you do when your car starts to skid sideways?
Steer in the direction that the rear of the car is skidding

19 What happens when you use high beams in snow, rain, or fog?
You have more light reflected back I nyour eyes

20 What lights do you use when driving at night with no other vehicles around?
High beams

21 If you skid in a curve, what direction will the care take?
It will go straight

22 At what temperature does an icy road give you the least traction?
At or near 32 degrees

23 Where should you glance when a car driving towards you does not put their lights on low beam?
At the right edge of the roadway

24 When driving a large rental truck on a windy day, what will affect the cars you pass?
The blast of wind from your truck

25 What happens in a power skid?
Your tires spin when you accelerate

26 What direction should you steer if the rear of your car skids to the right?
Steer to the right

27 What should you do if the water level reaches the bottom of your car while driving through water?
Turn around and find another route

28 If the temperature light comes on, what does turning on the heater accomplish?
Help cools the engine

29 What is it called when gas going to your engine boils?
Vapor lock

30 What combines to make you hydroplane?
Standing water, speed, and tire tread

31 What is the stopping distance in packed snow?
Twice that as on concrete

32 What might leak if your exhaust in not working properly?
A build up of carbon monoxide gas

33 Why do bridge surfaces freeze before road surfaces?
Cold air circulates above and below the bridge surface

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