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Teaching Middle School Outdoor Education Mike Tenoschok HIV/AIDS Education Consultant GaDOE.

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1 Teaching Middle School Outdoor Education Mike Tenoschok HIV/AIDS Education Consultant GaDOE

2 LEAVE NO TRACE Cleans area following use. Pack it in, pack it out Minimally disturb hiking, camping, boating areas

3 ROCK CLIMBING Safety related to climbing Proper techniques for safety, energy conservation and efficiency Fitness related to climbing Proper gear for climbing

4 BOULDERING (ROCK CLIMBING) Bouldering climb Limited hand holds On belay climb Object carry Exchange places Avalanche climb Musical rocks

5 FISHING Rigging the rod and reel Tying the fishermans knot Baiting a hook Casting a line Landing a fish Removing a hook Cleaning a fish Types of bait

6 FISHING Coke can casting Hula hoop casting with plugs Backyard bass casting Casting golf Casting relay Coat hanger knot tying Cane pole rigging

7 ORIENTEERING Parts of the compass Operation of the compass Finding a Bearing Reading a Map Identifying topographical features Explaining the difference between a topo-map, road map and political map Gym bearings Measuring steps Triangle activity Mini course

8 Maps Road Maps: show majorsome minor highwaysand roads, airports, railroad tracks, cities and other points of interest in an area. People use road maps to plan trips and for driving directions. Political Maps: illustrate boundaries of countries, provinces, and states Topographical Maps: include contour lines to show the shape and elevation of an area. Lines that are close together indicate steep terrain, and lines that are far apart indicate flat terrain.

9 HANDHELD GPS Parts of the GPS Unit How the global GPS System works Explaining GPS Terminology Finding a Waypoint Setting a Mark Participating in Geocaching Popsicle find GPS Unit swap Built in games

10 Geocaching Geocaching is a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using GPS- enabled devices and then share their experiences online.

11 New Free App Available DNR officials emphasize that the apps extensive features, social sharing options and safety functions make it a valuable resource for not only park users but also park rangers. The apps advanced GPS section allows hikers to track and share their explorations with other Pocket Ranger®users, family and friends. GPS plays a pivotal role in the apps safety functions, including an alert feature that informs designated phone contacts of coordinates in case of an emergency.

12 Georgia Department of Natural Resources

13 OUTDOOR COOKING Identification of various methods of building a campfire Gathering appropriate materials to build a fire Safety related to fire Preparation of food for cooking Procedures for clean-up after a meal related to trash and the fire itself Hobo Stew Banana Boats Orange cakes Bacon & Eggs in a bag

14 KAYAKING/CANOEING Ocean Kayak paddling Closed cockpit kayak paddling Canoe paddling Water safety

15 HIKING Hiking gear Use of hiking poles ( equipment, sizing, walking techniques ) Use of pedometers & HR Monitors ( measuring distance/stride length and work load)

16 ARCHERY Safety Equipment Commands Competition

17 KNOT TYING Rope terminology Rope preparation Types of knots

18 Rainy Days Videos: Alone in the Wilderness 50 Outdoor Skills Knot Tying Map Reading Cane Pole Rigging Indoor Orienteering Rock Wall Bocce, Horseshoes, Camping games Macgyver Bucket

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