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Partnering to Make Malaria No More

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1 Partnering to Make Malaria No More

2 Malaria: A Serious Problem
FACT: Malaria is the #1 single killer of children under five in Africa, yet it is a preventable and treatable disease.

3 Malaria: A Tangible Solution
FACT: For $10 you can provide a life-saving bed net to protect a child from malaria.

4 Malaria: The Opportunity Empower your community to affect global impact
Unlike most other diseases and causes, malaria’s solutions are achievable, scalable and empowering to both organizations collectively and people individually. ONE BED NET. $10. SAVE A LIFE. ©MHallahan/Sumitomo Chemical - Olyset® Net

5 Malaria: The Solution Malaria No More supports a comprehensive approach
Three essential components to comprehensive malaria control: Education On the cause and symptoms of malaria On access to and effectiveness of treatment On best implementation of preventative measures Prevention Long-lasting insecticide treated bed nets * Targeted indoor spraying Elimination of mosquito breeding sites Treatment Rapid diagnostics and treatment with artemisinin-based combination therapies * $10 provides for the purchase, distribution and education around the use of a bed net. ©MHallahan/Sumitomo Chemical - Olyset® Net

6 Malaria No More A movement against malaria
Founded by leading NGOs and launched at the White House Summit on Malaria, Malaria No More aims to inspire individuals, institutions, communities and corporations globally to take action to protect the lives of children and families from malaria in Africa.

7 Malaria: Play Your Part Simple, meaningful impact
Engage your friends, family, community and local organizations in a campaign to save lives. Together they can save families, entire villages and communities, and even whole regions of a country from the threat of malaria. What you can do: Donate $10 today and spread the word! Host a fundraiser/awareness-raiser. Use downloadable tools in the Media Kit section of Malaria No More’s website Visit for more information, ideas, tools, best practices, Scholastic curriculum and much, much more!

8 Malaria: More on What You Can Do
Examples of ways to get involved (Note: visit our Toolkit on our website to download more information and materials!) Fund/awareness-raising activities you might organize and host: Charitable athletic event Benefit concert Expert seminar Movie night Bake sale School assembly Class project Karaoke night Matching donation drive Quiz bowl

9 Malaria: Why now? Never before has there been such an influx of funding, focus and effort into malaria control. President’s Malaria Initiative, Gates Foundation, World Bank, UNICEF, Global Fund, etc. are investing billions of dollars and resources. Never before has the threat of malaria expanding into unaffected areas and increasing in severity been so real. Mosquito breeding grounds and prevalence are increasing and expanding into new regions of Africa thereby raising malaria’s incidence and impact. Therefore…

10 Malaria: Why NOW? NOW is the time to join with increased public funding and attention to bolster the fight against malaria with private sector funds and once and for all end the devastation of malaria. NOW is the window of opportunity to end a serious global child killer. We know how to conquer malaria, it has been done before in many regions of the world. Now the “perfect storm” of funding, focus, attention and public engagement is aligning to conquer malaria worldwide.

11 Additional Information

12 America’s first Malaria Awareness Day – April 25, 2007
April 25th marked the United States’ first recognition of the global Malaria Awareness Day. Significant media attention on malaria leading up to and on the day raised awareness of malaria and its solutions as well as the various partners in the fight against malaria: Malaria No More was a featured recipient of FOX’s American Idol “Idol Gives Back” show on April 24-25 White House Rose Garden ceremony with the President, First Lady and supportive corporate CEOs Nationwide distribution of Scholastic educational materials to 6 million 1st, 5th and 6th graders Film and photo coverage of Uganda bed net distribution

13 Malaria: The Campaign A breakdown of the $10

14 Setting goals around malaria in Africa: Malaria No More will initially focus on 16 countries
* Angola * Benin * Ethiopia * Ghana * Kenya * Liberia * Madagascar * Malawi * Mali * Mozambique * Rwanda * Senegal * Tanzania * Uganda * Zambia * Nigeria

15 Please visit our website
Malaria No More contact information Please visit our website for more information, downloadable materials and additional resources. Contact us: Phone: (212) Mailing address: Malaria No More 432 Park Avenue South 13th Floor New York, NY 10016

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