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Flower Parts.

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1 Flower Parts

2 I. Flowers A. Flowers are the reproductive organs in plants. B. Flower typically consists of four different parts... Sepals, petals, the stamen, and the pistil. 1. Sepals a. The exterior of the flower that consists of green leaf-like structures. b. Fold back as the flower opens. c. Collectively the sepals on a flower are known as the calyx.

3 2. Petals a. Are located just inside the sepals.
b. Appear leaf-like and are often very colorful. c. The function of brightly colored petals is to attract pollinators. d. Collection of petals is referred to as the corolla. --Together the sepals and the petals are called the perianth. It functions to protect the reproductive organs and attract pollinators.

4 3. Stamen a. The male reproductive part of a flower that is found in the center of the flower arranged around the female parts. b. Consists of the stalk called the filament and anther. c. The anther produces and holds the pollen. d. The pollen grains contain the male sex cells.

5 4. Pistil a. The female reproductive part of the flower.
b. Has three main parts... Stigma, style and ovary. c. The stigma is found at the end of the pistil and has a sticky surface on which pollen can be caught. d. The neck of the pistil is referred to as the style. e. The ovary, which contains one or more ovules, is at the base of the style. f. The eggs are produced and the seeds develop within the ovule. g. As the seeds form, the ovaries became a fruit.

6 C. The flower stem is known as the pedicel and
C. The flower stem is known as the pedicel and the tip of the stem that holds the flower is the receptacle.

7 TYPES OF FLOWERS Complete Flower
- A flower that contains sepals, petals, stamens, and a pistil. - These flowers contain the male and female parts of a flower.

8 Incomplete Flower - A flower that lacks one or more of the four parts of a flower (sepals, petals, stamen, or pistil). - Can have male and female parts or may have one or the other.

9 Perfect Flower - A flower that has male and female parts present.
- A complete flower is perfect (however, a perfect flower does not have to be complete... it may lack petals or sepals).

10 Imperfect Flower - A flower that lacks one of the two sex structures (stamen or pistil). - Imperfect flowers are incomplete.

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