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Mr. Brincks Physical Science

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1 Mr. Brincks Physical Science 2009 -2010
Is the Periodic Table a place where people sit at to eat once in a while? Mr. Brincks Physical Science Courtesy of Microsoft Office Clip Art Courtesy of Microsoft Office Clip Art

2 The Periodic Table has changed over time
That was then… This is now… This is a picture of Dmitri Mendeleev's 1st draft version for the periodic table (click image to enlarge) This is an example of how the periodic table looks like today. (click image to enlarge) Previous Next

3 Modern Day Periodic Table
Front side (Full-Scale) Back side (Full-Scale) Previous Next

4 The Founder Previous Next
This is a picture of a young Dmitri Mendeleev, also known as, the father of the periodic table! (More Info.) Previous Next

5 More about Mendeleev and his periodic table
Scientific benefits of Mendeleev's table Mendeleev predicted the discovery of other elements and left space for these new elements, namely eka-silicon (germanium), eka-aluminium (gallium), and eka-boron (scandium). Thus, there was no disturbance in the periodic table. He pointed out that some of the then current atomic weights were incorrect. He provided for variance from atomic weight order. Shortcomings of Mendeleev's table His table did not include any of the noble gases, which were discovered later. These were added by Sir William Ramsay as Group 0, without any disturbance to the basic concept of the periodic table. There was no place for the isotopes of the various elements, which were discovered later. Previous Next

6 Various other images of the periodic table and its founder
More Pictures of Mendeleev Portrait of Mendeleev by Ilya Repin (1885). One more Mendeleev portrait by Ivan Kramskoy (1878). Collection of Mendeleev photos. From The Science & Society Picture Library. One memorial portrait of Mendeleev. Interactive Web Periodic Tables WebElements 2.0 beta by Mark Winter at the University of Sheffield has almost everything you would ever want to know. The Chemicool Periodic Table from MIT A Periodic Table from the Los Alamos National Laboratory Periodic Tables compiled by the Illinois State Geological Survey. Periodic Table of the Elements (Flash required) More Periodic Tables Mendeleev’s Periodic Table Previous Next

7 Discussion Questions Previous Next
How can the periodic table help you predict how atoms of different elements might combine? Describe one type of chemical bond - metallic, ionic, or covalent. Air is approximately 21 percent oxygen gas (O2) and 78 percent nitrogen gas (N2). Can you tell from the information in the periodic table why helium balloons float in air? Which would you predict would be the heaviest and the lightest materials that would be good conductors of electricity? If carbon monoxide leaked into your house, would you predict that it would float to the top of the room or stay near the floor? What about carbon dioxide? How are the elements organized in the periodic table? What are some of the properties of the elements by which they can be organized? How was Mendeleev's periodic table different from those of other chemists of the time? What kinds of information about the atomic structure of an element can you learn from the periodic table? What can you tell about the elements from the way they are ordered in the table? Previous Next

8 References Previous Next Microsoft office clipart
Teachers' Domain, Periodic Table of the Elements essay, published February 20, 2004, retrieved on August 24, 2009, Teachers' Domain, Periodic Table of the Elements, published February 20, 2004, retrieved on August 24, 2009, Previous Next

9 The End

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