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Technology in Art and Music Instruction Session Seven EDT 612.

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1 Technology in Art and Music Instruction Session Seven EDT 612

2 Educators Views l Using computers and other instructional technologies creates a contradiction in blending impersonal machines with traditionally humanistic endeavors in the classroom l In reality, technology has always played a role in the arts.

3 Why teach music and the arts? l Technological advances compel schools to place more weight than ever on teaching the arts l Help students develop the values and sensibilities that will enable them to function as healthy citizens in an artificial, high tech environment

4 Issues and Problems l Separate versus interdisciplinary arts instruction: use collaboration l Arts and communications program: critics worry about depth of knowledge when cross-disciplinary l Kids n Blues CD: songs from over 650 students in Memphis, TN; teachers worked across grade levels

5 Standards in Arts Education l Goals 2000 initiative was expanded to include the arts l Start preparing kids in the lower grades for deeper and more rigorous work each year l The joy of experiencing the arts is enriched and matured by the pride of accomplishment

6 Standards l Be able to communicate at a basic level in the four arts disciplines: l Dance l Music l Theatre l Visual Arts

7 Standards l Be able to communicate proficiently in at least one art form, with the ability to define and solve artistic problems with insight, reason, and technical proficiency

8 Standards l Be able to develop and present basic analyses of works of art from structural, historical, and cultural perspectives and from combinations of these perspectives

9 Standards l Have an informed acquaintance with exemplary works of art from a variety of cultures and historical periods l plus a basic understanding of historical development in the arts disciplines, across the arts as a whole, and within cultures

10 Issues and Problems l Academic versus Studio l Students receive one hour a week of instruction l At the end of elementary or middle school, students with art talent are redirected towards elective courses l Smaller number of kids learn art

11 How Technology is Integrated into the Arts l Hardware: scanners, digital camera: both foster creativity l Paint and Draw Software: spans all ages of students l Animation, Graphics, and 3-D Design Software: simple cell to PhotoShop to morphing images

12 How Technology is Integrated into the Arts l Desktop Publishing with graphics l Video: increases student motivation to learn l The Internet (again): offers a large number of resources such as museums, multi-cultural field trips to gather examples of art and music around the world

13 Useful Web Sites l AMICO: Art Museum Image Collection with 65,000 thumbnail images of works of art to review online l ArtsEdge: http://artsedge.kennedy- http://artsedge.kennedy-

14 Useful Web Sites l ArtsEdNet: l Web Museum: l The Art Teacher Connection:

15 Issues and Problems in Music Education l Theory or Performance? l Basic competence in understanding and appreciating music versus l learn by doing and should spend most of their instructional time performing music l Standards are a balance of both

16 How Technology is Integrated into Music Ed l MIDI: musical instrument digital interface l It assigns a number to every aspect of musical sound including pitch, length and instrument l When the MIDI device receives these numbers, it plays the sounds

17 How Technology is Integrated into Music Ed l MIDI Synthesizers and Networks: l electronic musical instruments are the cornerstone of music technology l Piano-like keyboards replicate the sounds of both acoustic instruments like guitar and original sound effects like TV sound effects

18 Sequencers l Software in this category enables users to record, edit, and play back music. l A composer can save short sequences and then easily manipulate them and paste them together to form larger works.

19 Other Music Tools l Musical Notation Software l Multimedia Software l Instructional Software l Video with teacher guides l The Internet (again)

20 Useful Websites l American Canvas: l unity/ unity/ l Music Educators National Conference l Worldwide Music Resources: resources/ resources/

21 Useful Websites l Rock and Roll Hall of Fame l plan/index.html plan/index.html l Immersion in Music: /kunm.html /kunm.html

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