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520-409-0370. 3255 E. Grant Rd. Tucson, AZ.

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1 520-409-0370

2 3255 E. Grant Rd. Tucson, AZ

3 Relationship Astrology Everyone Should Know! Or: There's a Cosmic Reason for Every Love Affair * Astrology is an ancient symbolic language that helps explain the relationship between the infinite and the human * Astrology consists of the Zodiac, which is the background of the heavens. The view from Earth into the Zodiac beyond is divided into signs. Different people are born under different signs.

4 As the earth rotates around the Sun once every year, the earth appears to enter into various signs of the zodiac. One's Sun Sign can show some very basic factors, especially when viewed in the context of the rest of the chart, including houses, angles, and aspects to the Moon and planets.

5 Traditional Symbols of the Signs of the Zodiac

6 Modern Symbols of the Sun Signs

7 The Four Elements and Human Attraction The Four Elements and Human Attraction ARIES, LEO and SAGITTARIUS are known as FIRE SIGNS TAURUS, VIRGO and CAPRICORN are known as EARTH SIGNS GEMINI, LIBRA and AQUARIUS are known as AIR SIGNS CANCER, SCORPIO and PISCES are known as WATER SIGNS. People who have a number of planets, Moon and Sun, in ONE element (Fire, Earth, Air or Water), will be naturally attractive -- and attracted to -- people who have the SAME or compatible elements featured strongly in THEIR charts. Opposite elements, such as WATER and FIRE,will often repel rather than attract.

8 "Sun Sign Astrology" is, however, just a small part of Astrology! One's MOON SIGNS are very important, because they indicate one's emotional state and native intuition, our maternal and protective nature -- often, the mother herself.. Although Sun and Moon are extremely important in astrology, so are the exact positions, by sign and house and aspect, of the planets: Lunar and planetary SIGNS are determined using on-line databases or a printed "Ephemeris of the Planet's Places".

9 *Mercury, the planet of the mind and communications. Can't establish mental rapport? Can't express yourself clearly to your friend or love? It is almost always a Mercury problem. *Venus, the planet of hobbies, love, femininity, music & art. Think of Venus (Aphrodite to the ancient Greeks), as the perfect woman and all her qualities of affection and beauty.. *Mars, can be good or bad, since it is the planet of the male and of good, productive energy and sexuality, as well as hard work, anger, war and strife. *Jupiter, the planet of generosity, security, benevolence, healing and helpful energy, Jupiter's huge gravity protects the inner planets from asteroids and comets. *Saturn, the karmic planet which teaches lessons, depending on where it is in a chart, or between any two charts. Saturn often takes away things, causing frustration and sometimes, pain. A badly placed Saturn vis-a-vis another person's chart, can hurt a relationship badly. *Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, the genius, the inventor -- but also the inconsistent person, the thoughtless and at time, selfish friend or lover. *Neptune, the planet of subtle energy, mystery, the peculiar, inspiration as well as obsession and sometimes delusion and danger. Neptune injects idealism but often confusion when it connects two charts with prominent aspects. *Pluto, the planet of extreme wealth, the urge to power, and sometimes, the demonic. One person may secretly strive to overcome or conquer another, as shown in a 'bad' Pluto placement between the two charts.

10 The above planets work better in certain signs than in others.

11 SUN is best in Leo, not so good in Aquarius MOON is best in Cancer, not so good in Capricorn Mercury is best in Gemini as well as Virgo, not so good in Sagittarius or Pisces Venus is best in Taurus and Libra, not so good in Scorpio or Aries Mars is best in Aries and Scorpio not so good in Libra or Taurus Jupiter is best in Sagittarius, not so good in Gemini Saturn is best in Capricorn, not so good in Cancer Uranus is best in Aquarius, not so good in Leo Neptune is best in Pisces, not so good in Virgo Pluto is best in Scorpio, not so good in Taurus. Ceres and Juno seem to work better in the female signs: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces

12 The All-Important Planetary Aspects Between Charts! ASPECTS from each of one person's Sun, Moon and planets to the other person's Sun, Moon and planets, will consistently show the chances of having an easy or stressful, good or bad, relationship with any given long as the birth data is correct.

13 The important aspects between planets include: The important aspects between planets include: Conjunction -- same place. Very strong combination, for good or bad. Opposition -- opposite place. Must achieve a balance, or is perceived as unbalanced. Square -- ninety degrees apart. Tension and stress that can be hard to deal with. Trine -- one hundred twenty degrees apart. Relates easily, smoothly, with each other. Sextile -- sixty degrees apart. Potential for harmonious and inspiring relationship.

14 Aspects can help or hurt one's own chart, and aspects between your chart and someone else's chart will help indicate how any relationship is likely to work out. Aspects between one chart's clusters of Sun, Moon and/or "good" planets and the other person's Ascendant, Midheaven, 7th House (Marriage) cusp, and 4th House (Home) cusp help indicate a good potential relationship. One person's negative planets on the other person's important angles can help bring a relationship to an untimely end. ASPECTS

15 Powerful negative aspects between any two charts often coincide with unhappy relationships and often, the kind of strong dislike "at first glance" that keeps the two people from getting into any kind of relationship at all.

16 "Hard" Sun conjunctions, squares and oppositions may show clashes over who leads and who follows. Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto conjunctions, squares, and oppositions may show basic differences, often involving basic beliefs, one's family, etc. "Hard" Moon conjunctions, squares and oppositions, especially to Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto, can cause a hard time empathizing or sympathizing with each other. Mercury squares and oppositions often bring communication problems to the two people involved. "Hard" Mercury-Mars aspects may lead to simmering long-term conflicts that can erode the happiness of an otherwise suitable friendship or romance.

17 Mars conjunctions, squares, and oppositions may cause angry and frustrated reactions that can lead to disagreements and separations. Mars--Saturn can cause people to become outright enemies, and Mars-- Uranus often causes intermittent contact rather than a smooth, settled contact. Mars--Pluto conflicts can be for power and control within a relationship that can leave nothing good behind. Often the Pluto individual tries to sabotage or corrupt the other party.

18 Powerful positive "Easy" aspects between any two charts are indicative of happy, positive, and progressive relationships that may include friendship and sometimes romantic and sexual attraction. One's MOON in good contact with the other person's SUN is very good indeed, also Sun-to-Sun, and Moon- to-Moon. Moon to Mercury shows feelings and thoughts will be aligned well. Venus to the other person's Sun, Moon or Mercury shows a liking for each other based on some common interests, hobbies, and the "cuteness" of the other party. Good Mars aspects help people work together effectively, and if dominated by strong Mars aspects, the whole relationship may focus on work and striving after success, sports, etc

19 A Word About Tarot.... A Word About Tarot.... Tarot cards go back to at least the 1400's and possibly much earlier. They likely originated in the Middle East, perhaps in Egypt. The gypsies used them throughout Europe. There are numerous Tarot decks -- probably close to 10,000 different ones around the world. The most popular in the United States is the Waite-Rider Deck, devised by English occultist Arthur Edward Waite and illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith around 1909. Another popular deck is the Thoth Deck of notorious English occultist Aleister Crowley. A certain French Tarot reader, Madame Lenormand, gave her name to a number of decks that have been used since the time of Napoleon Bonaparte.

20 Find a Tarot deck that you like. You will find that one deck "speaks to you", you like and understand the symbols and meanings, while others may not work out so well for you. The same goes for Tarot readers. Beware of unethical "fortune tellers", who are often generically, and sometimes unfairly, called "gypsies". It is important not to become obsessed with Tarot or any other predictive tool. Some people become obsessed by the cards. The cards should not be consulted day after day after day and never should the same question be asked again and again..

21 TAROT is an intuitive, often seemingly "magical" tool that often brings answers to the questions about love affairs and friendships that may be hard to answer in day-to-day life. Tarot can help answer any question, including "Does he love me?" "Should I work with this person as my boss?" "Is there a good or not-so-good chance of fertility, and what is the chance of having children and raising them successfully with this person?" Serendipity, or what I call the Magical Nature of our Universe, often make the cards give relevant and suggestive answers. Otherwise they would not be used by so many people to get answers to their everyday problems and for sheer entertainment value. It is clear that many different types of questions may find answers in the universal symbols of the Tarot cards. Want to learn more about astrology or tarot? Please contact me at 409-0370. -----Ed

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