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Human Resources Administration in Education

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1 Human Resources Administration in Education
Chapter 6: Staff Development Ronald W. Rebore This multimedia product and its contents are protected under copyright law. The following are prohibited by law: • Any public performance or display, including transmission of any image over a network; • Preparation of any derivative work, including the extraction, in whole or in part, of any images; • Any rental, lease, or lending of the program. Copyright © Allyn & Bacon 2007

2 Professional Learning Communities
Emphasis on learning rather than on teaching Collaboration Viewing all members of the community as learners Self-accountability Copyright © Allyn & Bacon 2007

3 Copyright © Allyn & Bacon 2007
Adult Learning Training and skill development Education and academic pursuit Copyright © Allyn & Bacon 2007

4 The Conditions of Learning
“Learning is a change in human capability that can be retrained and that is not simply ascribable to the process of growth”. Copyright © Allyn & Bacon 2007

5 Creating a Staff Development Program
School District Goals and Objectives Needs Assessment Establishing Staff Development goals and Objectives Program Design Implementation and Delivery Plan Program Evaluation Copyright © Allyn & Bacon 2007

6 Staff Development for School Principals
Types of Staff Development Programs and areas appropriate for staff development: Instructional Skills Management Skills Human Relations Abilities Political and Cultural Awareness Leadership Skills Self-Understanding Staff Development Programming for Principals Future Directions for the Principal and Staff Development Copyright © Allyn & Bacon 2007

7 Staff Development for Classified Employees
On the Job Training Off the Job Training Apprenticeship Training Copyright © Allyn & Bacon 2007

8 Staff Development for the Instructional Staff
A Staff Development Program can offer the teacher opportunities to: Update skills and knowledge in a subject area. Keep abreast of societal demands. Become acquainted with research on the instructional process and on new methods of teaching. Become acquainted with the advances in instructional materials and equipment. Teacher Centers and Staff Development “Teacher centers have been a worthwhile innovation for those school districts that lacked an effective staff-development program, but they should not be considered a panacea (cure-all) for all school districts”. Copyright © Allyn & Bacon 2007

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