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Orogenesis quiz.

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1 orogenesis quiz

2 List the 4 factors affecting rock deformation (4 points)
____ is the general term that refers to all changes in the original shape and/or size of a rock body. There are 2 types of permanent deformation. These are _____ and ____. (2 points) Differentiate stress from strain. (3 points) List the type of stresses (3 points)

3 What type of stress causes…
Lengthening of rocks Shortening of rocks Changing of shape of rocks What type of deformation is associated to Breaking/fracturing of rocks Materials in the asthenosphere Upper portion of glaciers Lower portion of glaciers

4 What type of deformation would most probably happen if
large force is applied quickly on rocks Small force is applied on rocks over long periods of time . Which rocks is older: X or Y? b & c. Identify the type of folds.

5 Y C B X

6 A structure has been eroded so that from an airplane you would see concentric circles with the older rocks at the center. Determine whether the original/uneroded structure is a dome or a basin. What if the age of the rocks in the concentric circles were reversed? (that is, the youngest rocks are at the center and gets increasingly older as you move towards the edges)

7 (3 points each) Draw what you would see from the top view of an eroded syncline. Label the oldest and youngest rocks. Identify the faults and indicate the type of stress acting on each of them. (2 points each)


9 Identify the blocks (1 point each)

10 Identify the blocks found
in a fault-block mountain such as the one shown in the diagram. (T/F) All mountains are found along plate boundaries. (T/F) Removing crustal materials from mountains causes them to rise higher in the mantle.

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