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Friendship is a bond, That we must fulfill. Friendship is the best ship, In which we can sail farther and farther, With our best friend. Friendship is.

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1 Friendship is a bond, That we must fulfill. Friendship is the best ship, In which we can sail farther and farther, With our best friend. Friendship is about sacrifices. Today I, Then tomorrow is his turn. Friendship is to help, When someone is in dire hour of need. Friendship is about sharing. It goes all the way long side by side. Friendship is about caring. About listening to the other. After all, Friendship is all about commitment. And those who fulfill, Their commitments, Remain friends forever! M Ali Imran

2 The Nature! Has amends to show us. And so magnificent and groovy is its law. The shows of the sun, And the moon, Glimmer a new ray of hope, In the hearts…. That are forlorn and despondent. Great is the natures law. A new day! Bright and shiny, But is filled with… With challenges and tasks that were different, From yesterday. A sigh of relief! I take. A sigh that radiates general warmth in me. A sigh that changes my morose mood for a…. Little while. Forgotten the rut I belong to, Now I say again and again, Great is the natures law. Has amends to show us, And fill our hearts, So murky and dismal, With…. M Ali Imran

3 She turned to him with tear-filled eyes as shooting stars filled the skies. in their hearts raced love so fierce, it was bound to blow the winds away. But the ghastly skies, filled fear in hearts, as wails and screams arose. But they stood in silence and awe, and for a second time had froze. Alas, the world was at an end, but they knew their love would remain. So they embraced their final hours together, Struggling to dismiss their pain. And as the ground shook and swayed, they held each other close, Soon it all seemed to fade, "Not to fear," I'd say to all, They had achieved their bliss, But, sadly, their story ended that day, Ended with a soulful kiss. They held hands tight as ever before, As the Angels took them to their Lord. Though the world drew them apart, Who knew, their love would portray an art. Do we own? Or does life own us? To me it is unclear Is it safe to say that we are safe? Are we lost in translating ourselves? Or is this merely a bliss? What has changed And what has not, Is still left to be judged Battles left unfought, Lives left untouched. Are they blessed? Or are we so? Uncertain of what is to come, We rush and gush through the days Looking, not with the slightest clue, Of where we are to look. So open your eyes And let it flow, Let your mind become your heart Take it in and take it out. Subdued in mess, We strive to change But fail to do somehow. It is tough and it is numb To walk bare feet on snow But out there is a world So pained and broken Its horrid art portraying a vivid show. And all its performers, Are Widows and Orphans Who have lost all they have to gain. What more is left for them to fear? To cry from all the pain? Is it us? Or is them? Who fail to understand That Depth is deep And deep it cuts Into the very vein Which carries life among us all, Us all who live in vain… Ghannia Bokhari Y9-3

4 Please, everybody, look at me! Today I am six years old, you see! My name is Ammal Ifraem Malik, A strong girl, who drinks a lot of milk! I am a student of PISJ-ES, A School of wisdom, I confess! My birthday is on February 22, A beautiful day, bright & blue! And after this, I wont be four, Not ever, ever, any more! I wont be three-or two-or one, For that was when Id first begun! Now Ill be SIX a while, and then, Ill soon be something else again! Ammal Ifraem Malik (Y-1)

5 Pleased to meet you Glad to know you Please come in and let me show you wondrous Things you've got to see sleeping feet and royal tea, private kingdoms, camel schools, magic soup, and swimming 'ools, lonely hippos, dancing ants, and Frankestein! Grab a chair and have a seat. Hang your coat,put up your feet. Come on in and let me greet you.Glad to know you. Pleased to meet you. Aisha Mukhtar Kanwar Y2-1

6 I fell asleep in class today as I was awfully bored I laid my head upon my desk and closed my eyes and snored I woke to find a piece of paper sticking to my face. I'd slobbered on my textbooks and my hair was a disgrace My clothes were badly rumpled and my eyes were glazed and red My binder left a three-ring indentation in my head I slept through class, and probably I would have slept some more except my students woke me as they headed out the door Kulsoom Malik Y3-3

7 Our teacher's a football fanatic. It's all that he has on his mind. He listens to games on his headphones, and frets when his team is behind. He jumps up and down when they're winning.He screams when they fumble a pass. We know we're supposed to be reading,but watching him's simply a gas.Our principal walked in on Friday,and he was too angry to speak.Our substitute started on Monday. Our teacher's been benched for a week. Hasan Kamran (Y6-3)

8 When I am alone, and quite alone, I play a game, and its all my own, I hide myself, Behind Myself, And then I try, To find myself, I hide in the closet, Where no one can see, Ayten Hamid (YR-1) Then I start looking, Around for me, I hide myself, And look for myself, There once was a shadow, I took for myself, I hide in a corner, I hide in the bed, And when I come near me, I pull in my head!

9 How do you like to go up in a swing ? Up in the air so blue? Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing, Ever a child can do! Up in the air and over the wall, Till I can see so wide, Rumman Hamid (Y2-2) Rivers and trees and cattle and all, Over the countryside, Till I look down on the garden green, Down on the roof so brown, Up in the air I go flying again, Up in the air and down!

10 Take out time to work, It is the price of success. Take out time to play, It is the secret of youth. Take out time to read, It is the foundation of knowledge. Take out time to worship, It is the highway of reverence. Take out time to help and enjoy friends, It is the source of happiness. Take out time to dream, It takes the soul to the stars. Hira Amin (Y6-4) Im a tree, I stand tall and high, Its almost as if I could touch the sky, Im great for shade and nests for birds, If you need me just say the magic words! Nitasha Ahmed (Y6-5) My mother is very kind and loving, She takes care of me very much, She fulfills my every dream She makes me happy all the time, She is like heaven to me Irfan Tariq (Y6-1)

11 Habits are the things you do, That mother says youre NOT TO Yet you keep on doing them, Because, somehow, youve GOT TO Theres biting nails…. And sniffing…. And theres standing on one leg And leaving all the white stuff, You find inside your egg. Theres fidgeting… and whistling… And theres shuffling with your feet. Theres sucking your lead pencil, And noising when you eat. Theres talking with your mouth full, And tilting up your chair, Elbows on the table, And messing up your hair. Theres throwing stones, and grunting, And kicking things about, Putting hands in pockets, When you have to keep them out. Theres making funny faces, And always saying eh… There are lots of other things as well, Im ALWAYS being told! I dont suppose Ill ever learn, Not even when Im old. Because…. Ill tell you something, Honest! Its quite true! Half the things that I do… Well! Daddy does them too! Yamna Khan (Y6-4)

12 Flowers in the grassland, out in the open, Trees tower high over the grassy tropics, Sunshine peering over the tall peaks of evergreen trees, Nourishing the vegetation of barren cold wasteland, But in the region of the globe, Some grow fighting through the best, And go on without rain, Bravo for the ones, who grow with content, But everybody is in a war for survival, Burning, destroying is all we do, To the innocent, The innocent children of Mother Nature. The beautiful blooming flowers Growing near places Where there are many water showers Decorating the spaces Where there is sand But nothing else. Nobody ever touched this land But now a beautiful smell tells That this land is beautiful With many butterflies And its colorful Because of flowers growing for miles. If flowers werent on this earth It would be nothing But a ball of dirt… Maria Suhail (Y6-4)Eisham Sarmad (Y6-4)

13 Success is a journey With obstacles many Great mountains of sorrow To be crossed for a happier tomorrow Here hard work is a need And is also successs seed Not every poor man is a beggar, Not every beggar an old man, For you, in this world, in time Would see a beggar of every shape and size. Young man, listen, this is my advice, You must learn to be less hasty and more wise, And learn to keep open those eyes, For once closed they might never recognize, A little wisdom in board daylight Maimoona Saleem (Y6-4) Saifullah Latif (Y11-1)

14 I love my mother, who calls me honey, I love my father, who brings me money. I love my mother, who sews and cooks, I love my father, who brings me books, I love my mother, Who makes curry, I love my father, for being a buddy Danial Imran (Y6-1)Usama Tila Khan (Y6-2) As it rains, the ocean grows I can see the crying crows; The flowers smile And the leaves laugh; The trees dance And the rocks fight; Mountains take a bath And volcanoes vomit lava; The roofs sing And the winds cry

15 The man who wants a garden fair Or small or very big With flowers growing here and there Must bend his back and dig What ever we want of any worth Weve got to work to gain It matters not what goal you seek Its secret here reposes Youve got to dig from week to week To get results or roses. Osama Fareed Anger in its time and place May assume a kind of grace It must have some reasoning And not last beyond a minute If to further lengths it goes It goes in to let malice grow In the cold or in the warm Mean him good or mean him harm Whosoever fate may bring you The vile snake will always sting you.

16 You didnt always show it,But I know that you care.If Id ever need you,I know youd be there. Sohaib Khalid (Y5-2) The time of summer was full of joys,But school started, time to pack our toys.Then the business of the year did befall,The work I did, brought in my hand, apain.The work which teachers gave us all,Drove me partially insane.From time to time there were activities,Like Sports days, field trip and Spelling Bees. Maria Sohail (Y6-4) My perfect sister holds me tight,My perfect sister kisses me goodnight,My perfect sister knows when Im mad My perfect sister helps me when Im sad. Elaf Aziz (Y3-3)

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