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Taught by: David Thompson & Barry DeSain

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1 Taught by: David Thompson & Barry DeSain
Earth Mercy Taught by: David Thompson & Barry DeSain

2 What we teach Geology

3 What we teach Meterology

4 What we teach Astronomy

5 Earth Science grade is:
50% on tests and quizzes 25% on labs 15% on homework 10% on quarterly projects

6 How to get in touch with us
is fastest way to contact us: or We will get back to you ASAP Please do not use voice messages.

7 NYS Requirements Proof of 1200 minutes (20 hours) of laboratory time.
Your student and a parent/guardian have signed a contract to the effect of the student completing all laboratories in order to earn the right to take the Regents exam. There is also a Lab Practical portion of the Earth Science Regents exam, which will be the final lab day of the school year.

8 Extra Help? All students must have a review book.
$16.00 in bookstore, used all year Mr. Thompson is available: Mr. DeSain is available: before school 7:30 AM & after school after soccer season is over.

9 Our Backgrounds Mr. DeSain: Bucknell University & UPenn &
U of R - Majored in Biology & Archeology Mr. Thompson: This is our 2nd year working together. We collaborate on nearly all assignments and every Laboratory and test.

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