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Definition Four Commandments Freedom 0 :Freedom to run a program Freedom 1 :Freedom to analyse a program Freedom 2 : Freedom to provide copies Freedom.

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1 Definition Four Commandments Freedom 0 :Freedom to run a program Freedom 1 :Freedom to analyse a program Freedom 2 : Freedom to provide copies Freedom 3 : Freedom to improve and provide a program

2 Quick Legal Overview on GPL Written by R. Stallman and Eben Moglen a lawyer Author is leaving all his rights License is of Viral kind Copyleft notion FreeSoftware != freeware, shareware

3 History Phantom Menace 1950 : Beginning of all – collaborative work 1970 : beginning of personal computers (Intel/Micral/Altair) 1976 : Gates write to Altair's users Today : critical situation but some hope exists

4 History A New Hope 1984 : GNU Project launched by R. Stallman 1985 : FSF creation 1991 : Linus Torvalds creates Linux kernel Today : things are improving... let's do it !

5 Associations


7 Free Softwares Operating Systems

8 Free Softwares Linux 5 th of October 1991 : Linux birth date 17 th of July 1993 : Slackware birth date August 1993 : Debian (FSF) birth date 1994 : Redhat birth date 1998 : Mandrake birth date

9 Free Softwares other Operating Systems xBSDs and BSD license freedos a bit of nostalgia in a modern world For windows addicts only... someday maybe

10 Free Software - Office Born in 2000 Main opponent to Redmond Office Really MS Office compliant (for soft migrations) ISO standard since may 2006 Multi architecture

11 Free Softwares - Office Complete and powerful office suite More or less MS Office compliant Opendocuments compliancy

12 Free Softwares – Page Making Multi-architecture Professional printing support Good alternative to Quark Xpress Another page making tool (BSD License) Non stable yet but fully functional A product to follow in the future (younger than Scribus)

13 Free Softwares Project Management Planner : allow to manage a project from beginning to the end : gantt charts creation, project costs tools, web format exporting for web site integrations of results. Multi Architecture ( java) Exporting to MS Project, html, CSV, PDF, PNG, JPG Importing from MS Project Gantt and PERTgraphs creation Resources management Kivio et Dia : some other diagrams drawing tools Maybe the most complete but only for windows or emulator

14 Free Softwares – Graphics Absolute reference in Free World for image manipulation Huge quantity of plug ins Huge users community Main concurrent for photoshop Vectorial drawing tool Illustrator Compliance OpenSource since beginning 2006 No stable release yet, but already powerful Vectorial drawing tool Illustrator compliance The only real GPL and efficient concurrent to illustrator

15 Free Software – digital imaging A very good example of Free Spirit The absolute reference in its topic Multi Architecture Various uses (design, web design, post production, digital imaging) Used in some movies' digital FX

16 Free Software Video Editing Perfect soft for complex video editing Similar to adobe premiere Video editing for all Natively provided with KDE desktop

17 Free Softwares Codecs Free Proprietar y ogg

18 Free Softwares & Internet 1998 : Netscape source code released under GPL 2003 : AOL buy Netscape, Mozilla Foundation is created Today : mozilla products are everywhere, an heavy weight against µsoft Respecting W3C recommendations Outlook Professional main concurrent Huge quantity of communication modules Pluggable on Groupwares Proprietary mail clients specialist become GPL with Mozilla (project Penelope)

19 Free Softwares and SIG uDig

20 Free Softwares & WEB About 70% of web servers around the world are running Apache 1999 : Creation of ASF based on a group existing since 1995 Embedded with many commercials applications Very robust and lightweight data bases Both using universal SQL language Mysql is very easy to install and is used into many web applications 34% sites are PHP made, 21% ASP and 45% other Belongs to the LAMP architectures

21 Free Softwares - WebApp Groupwares Collaborative work Calendar sharing Address book sharing Schedule sharing Files sharing Project management Mails Knowledge database

22 Free Software - WebApps CMS & Surveys Forums building Blogs building Huge quantity of plugins Used by some governmental sites Customisable at will Survey creation and publication (paper, internet) Automatic invitations and reminded for survey pool Answers directly stored in databases Results presented with % and charts Surveys, answers and results exportables to various format

23 Free Softwares To infinity and beyond Unlimited source of possibilities Each needs has its solution Direct interaction between users and programmers Create Participate Test

24 Story of Gnu and windows Virtualization Virtual comp in a real comp Requires huge resources Emulation Not fully functional Not an easy solution for windows users Simple installation with Linux Allow a soft migration Allows the use of non ported softwares


26 Speech of Free – Against Open code = easier to find security holes Bothering GPL License ( free must stay free) Softwares creators are not paid for their work New concepts are not protected Training courses cost What about support ? Free cannot be good because it's free No concrete structure where to complain, ask etc...

27 Speech of Free – Pros Cooperative development implies better quality The bigger community is, the faster they react and the better the application is Standards and Open Standards strict respect Improved security and faster corrections releases

28 Speech of Free Why Free ? Moral or Philosophical reasons Technical or fun reasons Everybody gives a little to create linux, and everybody gets back a lot. It's how linux succed : you work a little and thanks to the whole community work this little becomes HUGE!

29 Speech of Free Free Spirit Work is not lived as work and constraints but as pleasure and fun « software is released when it is finished » Popularity in the community, contribution to a global knowledge have higher value than money. Programmers community are having project manager but the will of the majority really leads the project. (ex fork Xfree /

30 74% territorial collectivities and 56% of companies

31 The facts – Advantages Freedom, Independence and security Source code can fully be analysed Independence in regard of a provider Diversified and Efficient support Professional support (SSLL) Community support Softwares made for You Any whom can modify, customize, personalise Sometimes just wishing on community forum is enough

32 The Facts French State OpenOffice : Gendarmerie, Central Administration, Ministries 400 000 comps for 2007 All 70000 comps of Gendarmerie in 2005 Mail Management : Interior Affairs Tool released under GPL but made by private company All future tools with also be released under GPL SPIP- Agora : Foreign Affairs Ministry For Ministry wills and next given to community Linux : Parliament, Gendarmerie A Linux per Deputee In 2010 all Gendarmeries will be Linux equipped

33 The Facts Privates examples Medias Le Tigre Movies « amateurs » movies making Movies industry They wouldn't exist without free softwares

34 The Facts Tourism Classical office use GIS use Web servers and web apps use (survey, sites, e-commerce) E-tourism TourinFrance Compliant


36 World domination of course but slowly... Difficulties to change mentalities 20 years of brain washing Doubtfull propaganda Software editor's lobbies Just doing it Migration cost on short term

37 World domination No mercy !!! Just doing it – money saving on medium and long term No more license renewal Stronger reliability and stability Soft migration with hybrid architectures Freeing your home Free and proprietary can coexist on same comp User friendly installation and use No more virus, adware, spyware Huge software catalogue Respecting laws

38 World domination Impact... 35% of FS made by private or public organisations A global price evaluated around 12 Billions Euros 32% of market use in 2010... Decreasing computer related money spending by 36% Europe is a leader Companies freeing their code Back to the roots

39 World domination Trainings indicators Every 6 months from 2 training companies Important to evaluate companies wills Reflecting Free use evolution More and more training dedicated to Free technologies


41 Open Cola * * drinking with moderation

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