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Earth Science.

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1 Earth Science

2 Earth Science Earth science encompasses 5 areas of study: Astronomy
Geology Oceanography Meteorology Environmental Science

3 Earth Science Astronomy

4 Astronomy The study of objects beyond Earth’s atmosphere
Astronomers study the universe, which includes galaxies, stars, planets, and other bodies they have identified.

5 Earth Science Astronomy Geology

6 Geology The study of the materials that make up Earth
The processes that form and change these materials The history of the planet & its life-forms since its origin

7 Geologists Identify rocks Study glacial movements
Interpret clues to Earth’s billion-year history Determine how forces change our planet

8 Earth Science Astronomy Geology Oceanography

9 Oceanography The study of Earth’s oceans
Oceanographers study the creatures that inhabit saltwater, measure different physical & chemical properties of the oceans, & observe various processes in ocean water.

10 Earth Science Astronomy Meteorology Geology Oceanography Environmental

11 Meteorology The study of weather-producing forces in the atmosphere
Meteorologists also try to forecast the weather & learn how changes in weather over time might affect the Earth’s climate.

12 Earth Science Environmental Science Astronomy Meteorology Geology Oceanography

13 Environmental Science
The study of the interactions of humans and their environment Environmental scientists study how organisms impact the environment positively & negatively. Topics of study include: natural resources, pollution, alternative energy sources, & impact of humans on atmosphere.


15 Earth’s Systems Scientists have identified 4 main Earth systems that are unique yet interact with each other in important ways. Biosphere Geosphere Hydrosphere Atmosphere Time to make a foldable! There are many, many different branches of science, and all of them are, in one way or another, connected to the Earth System. Earth’s System is basically a combination, or the result of, five interconnected and related systems working together to make this place function. Each of the branches of science can be funneled into one or more of these five major systems.

16 Earth’s Systems Biosphere
All organisms on Earth as well as the environments in which they live Geosphere Actual physical Earth, includes crust, mantle, and core Hydrosphere Water in Earth’s oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, glaciers, & atmosphere Atmosphere Gases surrounding Earth, including 78% nitrogen & 21% oxygen

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